Are White Kitchens Getting Kicked To The Curb?

If you’re ready for a kitchen remodeling, you may hear of the white kitchen design. That is a classic kitchen scheme that caused a stir. The cabinet, countertop, flooring, light settings, and hardware in such a kitchen are all white. All these kitchen elements of white color unify perfectly. Therefore, you won’t have to spend too much time and effort trying to match the colors of your kitchen fittings. But now, more and more kitchen design schemes with new ideas are emerging. There’s even someone who says that white kitchens are getting kicked to the curb. Is this the reality? Has the white kitchen design really fallen off its pedestal?

white kitchens are getting kicked to the curb
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    Are White Kitchens Getting Kicked To The Curb?

    The white kitchen not only came into vogue after the 80s and 90s, but it has also been a classic design in kitchen decoration. Classics stand the test of time. Plus, white works for all styles, from the old style to modern, from the big kitchen to the small one. So, it’s nonsense that white kitchens are getting kicked to the curb.

    From then to now, the white kitchen will always remain in style. Whatever kitchen fittings you choose, the white kitchen can go well with them. Moreover, some psychological studies have found that white is an entertaining color. Having a white kitchen will bring you joy and a relaxing cooking experience. What’s more, white can add brightness to your kitchen and dining room to bring you a warm and bright dining place. White is also a safe investment to consider for the long term since it is a color that will always be timeless.  

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    Pros & Cons Of A White Kitchen

    Pros Of White Kitchen

    • Easy On The Eye: The white kitchen is soothing and can make you relaxed while cooking. Besides, the white color applied in the kitchen makes it look clean and neat.
    • Reflect Lights Well: No matter whether natural or artificial lights can work well in the white kitchen since white can reflect all lights. It will make great contributions to the kitchen illumination.
    • Open Up Your Kitchen Visually: White is an expansive color that makes the whole space look open. That is why a white kitchen always looks spacious.
    • White Works For Any Kitchen Style: With white as the main color, you can create different styles of the kitchen–from vintage to modern, to minimal, to European.
    • Easy To Update And Accessorize: Any decorations can go well with the white. You can add any ornaments you like, such as plants, decorative accessories, carpets, and pictures.
    • Encourage Cleaning Right Away: Dirt and mildew have no place to hide in a white kitchen. You can spot them easily every time they come up and then clean up the kitchen in time.

    Cons Of White kitchen

    • Hard To Keep It Claen: The last point of the pros of a white kitchen can also be its cons. Once somewhere in the white kitchen is stained, it shows up obviouly. It shows the dirt easily so that it would be easy to look unclean. Unless you tidy up the dirt as soon as it appears.
    • Cold And Stark: Too much white in the kitchen may make it feel cold and clinical. And if there aren’t any decorations in the white kitchen, it may feel like a boring and stark place. To create an interesting and comfortable kitchen, you need to apply warm lights and add some decors, like pot plants, ceramic vases and a bottle holder.

    How To Make White Kitchen Look More Interesting?

    If you would like to have an appealing white kitchen, you will need some new and creative ideas for your kitchen remodeling.  

    Classic All-White Kitchen

    An entirely white kitchen is still popular with some house owners. All the kitchen fittings including cabinets, ceiling, walls, lights, and even floor in such a kitchen are all white. The whole kitchen seems to be covered in snow. To make the all-white kitchen more interesting, you can apply the kitchen fittings with different finishes, like matte, glossy, and satin, which can build visual division. Also, white with different color temperatures will differ into warm white and cold white. If you don’t want your kitchen to be too cold, you can apply warm white. Additionally, installing a kitchen bar and hanging some kitchen utensils, like a red pot, will make a splash.

    Classic All-White Kitchen

    Warm Up White Kitchen With Wood Elements 

    If you think that an all-white kitchen is too plain and clinical, you could add some other elements to it. Changing the white countertop to the wooden one would be a good choice. To keep the style consistent, you can replace the white ceramic floor with a wooden floor as well. Adding wood elements to the kitchen will make it feel warmer and counteract the cold feeling of the white kitchen. Besides, your kitchen may change into a rural style.

    Add Some Other Elements

    Add Some Other Colors To Be Ornament

    The best idea to remodel a white kitchen is to add some other colors to it. White can go well with many other colors and there are lots of color schemes. Among them, black and white are the most classic and timeless match. You can apply some black kitchen fittings in your white kitchen, such as the black cabinets with a white marble countertop. To intersperse this counter, you can install some golden or silver hardware, which will shine like stars in the night sky.

    Add Some Other Colors To Be Ornament

    Take Advantage Of The Light Settings 

    The light settings also have an important effect on the overall feeling of the white kitchen. Cool white LED lighting can cause a cold feeling for you when shining on the white surface. The kitchen is always a joyous place to chat and laugh so you could not have too many cold lights in your white kitchen. On the contrary, you will need to install more natural or warm lights to make your white kitchen a cozy place.

    Take Advantage Of The Light Settings

    Add Neutrals And Textures To A White Kitchen

    Taupe is a good neutral color to consider–it can combat the cold light and brilliant white. You can have a backdrop of a chic brick wall in your white kitchen. Moreover, it’s a good idea to build open shelves on the wall where you can put some colorful ceramic jars and potted plants for decoration. All these will dispel the cold in your white kitchen and bring you a modern-meets-country style kitchen.

    Add Neutrals And Textures To A White Kitchen

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