Top 5 Best Funny Toilet Paper Holders Animal Designs

The love of nature among most homeowners and their family members makes them enjoy having artistic representations of particular natural features like animals around their home. Tissue paper holders are the best in the homes that can have the perfect artistic representation of animals. Most manufacturing companies have come up with different funny toilet paper holders animal designs to entice the animal’s enthusiast.

These unique toilet paper holders appear attractive and resembling the animals, thus making the section they are placed look cute and attractive. This blog post discusses the best animal toilet paper holder you can opt for in your house.

Table of Contents

    1. Cast iron animal toilet paper holder

    funny toilet paper holders animal designs

    These are tissue paper holders that manufacturers make from refined iron alloys. The tissue paper holder helps the homeowners place rolls of tissue papers, necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. The designers use solid cast iron to craft the iron alloys to the various designs of animals that will fit with your house decor.

    You can use this toilet paper in a different room in your house because it can work with any home decor with a great design. Most individuals opt to use them in bathrooms, corridors, toilets, and even countertops. It offers the best choice for a durable and long-standing animal toilet paper holder. The cast iron animal toilet paper may come in the form of a giraffe, alligator, and many other animals the homeowner would wish to have.


    ·Dimensions: 13 * 8 * 5 inches

    ·Material: cast iron

    ·Weight: 1.95pounds


    2. Elephant tissue paper holder

    It’s the best tissue holder for wildlife enthusiasts, especially for elephant lovers, as the tissue holder presents the resemblance of an elephant. If you have kids in your home, you can add fun in the bathroom or toilet by having one of the elephant tissue holders in the rooms. It resembles an elephant with a large trunk, in which the homeowner places the tissue roll on the trunk. You can choose according to the design and color you love.

    The elephant tissue paper holder comes in different colors and shapes, and sizes for the homeowners to choose the design that best suits them. Designs craft this tissue holder from cast iron or aluminum alloys. The tissue holder has a strong base, which keeps the holder stable when anyone pulls the towels or tissue from it. Most of these tissue holders are very large to accommodate many tissue rolls that your family members might use for quite some time. Its eye-catching and appealing appearance can make it possible to use them in home entrances, countertops, and even dining tables.


    ·Color: brown or black

    ·Mounting style: freestanding

    ·Dimension: 4 *4 * 19 inches

    ·Weight: 3.39 pounds

    ·Easy installation

    3. Dog toilet paper holder stand

    animal toilet paper holder

    The tissue paper holder comes in different shapes and designs suitable for any home decor you’re having in your house. The designers’ craft this high-quality tissue holder from the best iron alloys, making it very attractive and durable. This unique animal tissue holder may be fascinating in your home if you have kids who love wildlife. The tissue paper stand looks vintage due to its rusty brown or black color.

    The installation process of the holder shouldn’t be something to worry about, as you can easily install it in any room in the house. It has a large space where you can place up to two rolls of tissue paper or a large size towel, and some space remains where you can have your bracelets and jewelry. It’s a great decor for the different rooms in your home, including the kitchen, toilet, and bathroom. It’ll be a perfect gift to any animal enthusiast. It’s good while choosing to choose a color and design that matches your home’s decor.


    ·Material: durable cast iron

    ·Dimensions: 5.27 * 2.5 * 13.15 inches

    ·Handcrafted toilet paper holder

    ·Weight: 3.16 pounds

    ·Large space to accommodate more tissue paper rolls

    4. Giraffe toilet paper holder

    Whether you install it in your bathroom, kitchen, or toilet to hold the tissue roll, this specific type of tissue holder provides a functional and stylish option. Even if you place it on the countertops or dining tables, the holder doesn’t tip off because it has a solid made that the designer crafted from solid iron alloy. It comes in many designs you can choose from and ensure that it matches your home decor.

    Those who have tried the tissue paper in their homes will tell you how great the holder looks and the functions it serves. This tissue holder has different uses in the homes as you can use it in the kitchen for holding the paper towel. Alternatively, it’s best suited for your bathrooms and toilet to hold the tissue papers. You’re sure to get the value for money for this appliance, as it’s the best option for animal lovers, and you can use it as a perfect gift for family and friends.


    ·Solid base to prevent tipping off

    ·Easy to install the toilet paper holder

    ·Material: manufacturers design it from cast iron

    ·Weight: 3.39 pounds

    ·Dimensions: 4 * 4 * 19 inches

    ·Best gift for animal enthusiasts

    5. Rabbit toilet paper holder

    It’s a unique animal tissue paper holder in a simple stylistic box that provides an attractive alternative to the tissue holders. The designers make the holder from premium material, thus making it durable and sturdy. The tissue holder is very useful for holding the tissue and towel paper in the bathrooms or toilets.

    Its attractive design makes it suitable for different rooms, including the entrance to the home, office, and even dining areas. The classic and elegant tissue holder is essential in preventing your paper towel and tissue papers from getting dirty or wearing off. If you’re a lover of animals and want to add a more modern touch to your home or offices, you can opt for a rabbit toilet paper holder. It offers the best storage for your tissue paper and adds stylish touch or attractiveness to the room due to its simple, modern, and classic design.


    ·Modern, simple, and classic design

    ·Adds a more modern touch to the home

    ·Color: white

    ·Size: 13 * 13 * 13 cm

    ·Material: plush

    ·Perfect for your offices, hotel rooms, and toilets in your homes

    To sum it up

    Above are the funny toilet paper holders animal designs that we want to share. If you’re an animal lover, you may want to have artistic representations of your favorite animals in your home. The animal toilet paper holder will be the best representation of your best animal in the house. Despite providing a place to store or hold your tissue papers or paper towel, they also offer an elegant and attractive appearance.

    This appearance adds more modern touch to your home decor. Therefore, if you want the best tissue holder suitable for your home, it’ll be good to consider the tissue paper holder options above.

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