Top 10 Wooden Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet tissue is something people need multiple of, and they go through them quickly, sometimes within days. A more practical approach may be to mount a wooden toilet paper holder nearby for easy access when nature calls at night. Wooden toilet paper holders are a great way to add personality and character to your bathroom. They come in many different styles, such as rustic, modern, and even traditional. The best part about them is they can be personalized with paint or stains of any color you like.


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    1) Industrial Toilet Paper Holder Wooden with Cast Iron Pipe

    It’s the most hands-down popular entry on this list due to its cost-effectiveness and assembly & installation. This wooden TP holder is a great value for the money. The sleek design comes with everything needed to install easily, so it looks stylish in small bathrooms or powder rooms. It is made of New Zealand Radiata Pine to produce this easy to assemble free-standing toilet paper holder tower, so you can stay assured about durability. It features an open space where the spare roll of TP goes, allowing you to see how much tissue remains at all times without having to displace your current roll.

    2) Solid Wood Roll Holder with Rustic Bar

    This rustic style wooden toilet paper holder is made out of 100% real solid hardwood and has been stained a deep brown color for warmth & elegance. There is a rustic bar for hanging purposes. The assembly can be a bit troublesome. Simple nails or screws can be placed in the pre-drilled holes. If you find that to be too much of work for a TP holder assembly, you can always trust a strong self adhesive toilet roll holder for tile surface assembly.

    This wooden toilet paper holder is great for rustic bathrooms or bedrooms with the wood color already going on.

    3) Solid Mahogany Roll-Out Toilet Paper Holder

    With a classy design that will go well with any bathroom decor, this mahogany free-standing toilet paper holder delivers a superior value at an affordable cost. It has two storage areas where spare rolls of tissue are kept until needed. This makes it easy to replace the current roll quickly without making an extra trip to the linen closet to get another roll. A TP rack with premium quality for your peace of mind.

    4) Scroll shape Iron Toilet Paper Holder

    This rustic toilet paper holder is made of metal and features a detailed scroll design that adds depth to this dark brown product. Its rustic style matches best with a wooden base. It can be a great wood holder and can go well with any farmhouse-style bathroom. This fancy-looking wall-mounted toilet paper holder will match nicely with iron towel racks or other iron fixtures in the space. This makes it one very stylish item that gives you a bit of DIY fun.

    5) Cottage Style Wooden Toilet Paper Holder Stand

    This cottage-style toilet paper tower is made out of New Zealand Radiata Pine, just like the first entry. This particular model has a brighter and wood grainier appearance than the previous model, making it ideal for country bathrooms with wooden accents in the space. It features the same open design as the first entry, allowing you to see how much spare tissue is left without displacing your current roll.

    6) White Paper Holder Tower

    From Lifestyles comes this white free-standing toilet paper holder tower with plenty of storage space both in cabinet (for spare rolls) and on top (where used rolls are placed until they are changed). The square and modern design are appropriate for all kinds of bathroom styles, from vintage to contemporary and everything in between. With a total height of 24 inches, it will loom large over most other toilet paper holders on the market.

    7) Wooden Toilet Tissue Cabinet

    Offering something different than what we are used to seeing on this list, this wooden TP holder has a sleek & stylish look. It works well in bathrooms with modern decor going on. It has a narrow profile, so it doesn’t take up too much space, and build quality is fantastic, as you’d expect at this price point. If you can spare some big bucks for a great-looking wooden TP stand, consider giving this one a go.

    8) Wooden 2-Tier Toilet Paper Tower

    A classic two-tier design that has an elegant look. This wooden stand will work in virtually any bathroom style due to its timeless look. It also has a storage area on the top for a spare roll of toilet tissue. This area can function well as a great wall cabinet too. It boasts saving bathroom floor space for you. The mahogany color is very suitable for every style of wall color. So you really can’t go wrong with this style.

    9)Wood Toilet Tissue Stand

    Another dual-tier TP holder. This wood combination is the greatest and can be a great decor element. You can make it stand beside the toilet or in front the toilet if that’s how you prefer. And it features a base cabinet where you can keep your spare rolls. The wood grain design is good enough to work as it is. However, for those who like this look, matching bathroom accessories are available for you to complete the stylish ensemble.

    10) Black Stained Toilet Rack

    Unlike all other items listed here so far, this wooden stand comes with pure luxury written all over it. Made out of solid mahogany wood (with an ebony black stain), this item delivers an extremely high-quality look and feel. It’s a discreet design that will work well in contemporary and classic bathrooms. And it matches nicely with oil-rubbed bronze finishes or other dark sizing.



    The wooden toilet paper holders listed here come from worldwide and are very different from each other. Some offer easy installation (e.g., no screws required), while others have storage space for spare rolls. And some look plain gorgeous like the last entry on our list. We hope this list of the best wooden toilet paper holders has been helpful. Consider purchasing one for your home or as a gift to someone you care about!

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