Suggestions For Where To Put Toilet Paper Holder In Small Bathroom

There are quite certainly many troubling things about having a tiny bathroom, one of which there being an immense lack of space. One of the most troubling aspects of this is, where to put toilet paper holder in samll bathroom? Given the current, ongoing situation in the world, it is better to only buy what you need, but even still, you will probably want some type of handy storage to store a few extra rolls away.

The following article includes some different ways that can help you choose the right storage that has many shelves and other functions, therefore you can utilize it to store all other toiletries in the one place. As well as making it simpler for you to find what you need, compact storage can also save a lot more space.

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    Ideas on where to put toilet paper holder in small bathroom

    With installing toilet paper holders there comes some requirements. NBKA requirements recommend that you install the holder about 26 inches above your bathroom floor, and eight to twelve inches away from your toilet.. These measurements ensure you the space to reach for it, and the right accessibility, so you are not trying to reach too far.

    Additionally, ADA requires you to install your tissue dispenser on the closest side wall, with a minimum of about 19 inches above the floor and a maximum of around 36 inches from the back wall of your bathroom.

    Usually, it is the easiest and, oftentimes, better to mount the toilet paper holder onto the wall across from your toilet in a smaller bathroom. This is because it grants you more space to reach for the toilet paper without making it too much of an unnecessary stretch, cramping yourself or say hitting your arm on something.

    1.Mount on the Wall Across from the Toilet

    If this idea isn’t really a viable option, another good idea to do is to mount the holder onto your cabinet below the sink, if it is right beside your toilet of course. Although, that may position the toilet paper a bit closer to you, depending on how close you are to the cabinet. However, if you do not have a cabinet in your bathroom to attach it to, or that idea just does not fit very well in your bathroom at all, there is another mounting option too.

    A self-adhesive toilet paper holder could be the solution instead. With it, you can stick it to the side of your bathtub or any other hard surface that is close to your toilet. Our YIGII adhesive toilet paper holder will fit your needs.

    toilet paper holder for small room

    2.over the toilet space-saving rack

    Over the toilet space-saving racks to place your toilet paper basket on should ideally be used only for toilet paper, because you will have to turn around to grab it, which in turn makes it more difficult than just reaching over not too far for it.

    3.Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder Stand and Dispenser

    This free-standing option is a stainless-steel toilet paper holder that can also hold up to four more rolls of your toilet paper, so that you never use it all up, right on the spot, and also, it does not take up too much valuable space. The best place to have it is in the corner of the bathroom where the bathtub connects to the adjacent wall.

    4.Basket Toilet Paper Storage

    This humble storage option can not only be used to hold toilet paper, but also other supplies, such as toilet cleaning products. Ideally, you can place this in the bathroom cabinet, or just on the floor near your toilet. In addition, this storage solution can add a bit of style to any small bathroom.

    5.Little Cart Storage

    This very common storage idea can be used also to store other toiletries such as soap, shampoo, skincare products and toothpaste. Placed in the corner of your bathroom, all of your toiletries will be stored more tidily, out of the way, therefore creating a less cluttered-looking bathroom.

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