What Are The Standard Height For Bathroom Accessories?

When building your bathroom, knowing the standard height for bathroom accessories is vital. Putting bathroom accessories at standard height reduces the risk of back injuries and makes them easy to access. If you need to be taller than standard height, go for a stool. If you’re too short, consider getting an adjustable stand. Remember that these are just guidelines. You can use adaptable gadgets like pop-up bars or fold-down seats, so you don’t have to buy all new equipment when someone gets ill or injured. 

standard height for bathroom accessories
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    What Are The Must-Have Accessories In The Bathroom?

    Towel Hooks

    Hooks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for bathroom accessories standard height. They provide a place to hang towels, but they can also be used for other things such as robes or jewelry.

    Toilet Paper Holder

    A toilet paper holder will help you keep the paper roll in place instead of rolling everywhere. There are various toilet paper holders on market. To distinguish from installation, they can vary from free-standing, wall-mounted, and adhesive. Moreover, they are designed to come in many shapes and patterns.

    Shower Caddy

    You will need an accessory to hold your shower products on the wall of the shower stall or near the tub. Otherwise, your shampoos, hair conditioner, body wash, and many other shower products will clutter.

    Grab Bars

    If your family member has restricted mobility due to injury or disease, there might be good reasons why they need something different. For this reason, You may need to install the grab bars near the toilet, shower stall, and bathtub.


    You don’t want people tracking up the floors and leaving wet and dirty shoes behind them when they come inside from outside. Keep this unpleasant experience from happening by placing doormats near each door. They’ll look good, but they’ll also protect your floors and make sure that water and dirt don’t end up on them.


    Lighting is important when it comes to creating a relaxing bathroom atmosphere. If you have enough light coming from natural sources, that’s great! However, if too much time passes between being in the sun and taking a shower, consider adding an overhead fixture with clear pendants that give off great light without being too bright.

    Where To Install Bathroom Accessories?

    After designing your standard height for bathroom accessories, the surrounding walls and flooring need finishing touches. One such thing is adding bathroom accessories. Imagine having a shower or taking a hot bath in your sumptuous new bathing chamber, but without accessories like soap dish and shampoo caddy to hold things nicely. Or your towels have no right place to hang and pile on the sink vanity. No one wants their things in the bathroom clutter to make the bath a mess! So, where do you place things?

    Where To Assemble Shower Accessories?

    • If there is a shower stall in your bathroom, you can install some adhesive hooks on the glass wall to hang your bathrobes or bath sheets.
    • Add a towel bar or towel rail on the shower wall next to your seat for hanging towels.
    • Having a shower caddy in whatever types in the shower area would be good. Choose the best no-rust shower caddy to organize your bath products.

    Where To Place Tub Accessories?

    • Be sure that any caddies or baskets you purchase accommodate both your soap and shampoo bottles and all your other essentials without tipping over when full. Install them in easy reach near your tub.
    • Avoid placing towels within the arms’ reach of a tub if possible – it can be dangerous trying to reach out and grab one when you are wet! Have towel rods installed 18 inches above the floor. Otherwise, keep towels safely stowed away until you are finished bathing, or use decorative pegs instead to hang them on your shower curtain rod.
    • You know, the bath tub is always slippery after use. Therefore, you can assemble a grab bar near it.

    Where To Install Sink Accessories?

    • Place toothbrush holders on the countertop, 18 inches apart or closer, for easy reach to save time in the morning. (Remember that 3 feet are normally considered close enough.)
    • Having a towel ring or towel bar near the sink would be a good idea to hang your hand towel. This will also keep your sink clean and tidy.

    What Are The Standard Height For Bathroom Accessories?

    Towel Bar/Towel Rack

    The standard height for a towel bar is 48 inches. This measurement has become commonly accepted as the proper height for towel bars in bathrooms where both men and women use them. For single-person use, 36 inches is often enough; if someone has trouble reaching these heights (for example, children or persons with disabilities), you can install two racks at different heights according to to need. If someone insists on having their towels even higher than that, consider installing separate racks; they make wall-mounted towel holders that work well.

    Shower Rod

    For a typical shower rod, you’d want it to be around 75 to 77 inches from the floor. If you install a water-saving device on your faucet that can reduce the number of gallons per minute from 2 or 3 down to 1 or even less, if that happens, consider raising your shower head at least one more inch than its original height. A typical shower allowance for an 8′ x 5′ shower is 36″x60″.

    Keep also in mind that if someone wants to take a bath instead of a shower, they may need enough room to stretch their legs out fully while still reaching the taps and still having space for any accessories such as soap dishes.

    Here are Some more standard heights for bathroom accessories:

    Towel Ring: 50 to 52 inches from the ground, 20 to 22 inches from the vanity countertop;

    Toilet Paper Holder: 26 inches off the ground, 8 to 12 inches from the toilet bowl;

    Shower Caddy: 48 to 60 inches;

    Robe Hook: 5 feet from the floor;

    Grab Bar: 33 to 36 inches off the floor.

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