How Is The Silestone Calacatta Gold Review

Every house requires renovation and remodeling from time to time. As the times are changing, the remodeling of house is providing more beautiful interiors and experiences. Remodeling improvements can make your home a blissful paradise. Silestone is a surface material which has outstanding kitchen and bathroom designed applications. Silestone comes in various colours and textures. Here we are going to discuss the silestone calacatta gold review .

Silestone calacatta gold is one of the most popular item in the market these days. We are going to look at all the qualities that make silestone calacatta gold a good silestone and if there are any drawbacks when we choose it.

silestone calacatta gold review
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    What is silestone calacatta gold?

    Rendering the Calacatta Oro Marbles results in silestone calacatta gold. Silestone calacatta gold can be defined as white worktop with grey or gold veins in the surface. Silestone calacatta gold give a beautiful naturalness and clarity to your kitchen. Silestone calacatta gold can be used as a surface in counter tops, kitchen worktop, white worktop, modern worktop, etc. Silestone is probably the biggest quartz worktop brand. The silestone calacatta gold is available in mainly two textures. One of them is Polished and the other on is Suede.

    The Polished surfaces protects the surface from scratches and also prevents the strains on the surface with glossy surface.

    Is Calacatta gold popular?

    Calacatta gold is one of most popular choice when it comes to silestone. Mostly the calacatta gold is used to make temporary waterfall islands. If you have utensils of metals in the kitchen then calacatta gold would be perfect for you. The calacatta gold designs are very gorgeous light grey colours, with beautiful gold fixtures.

    The most popular calacatta gold is eternal calacatta gold. It is designed beautifully with a very elegant background of white with a little blueish grey veining and goal to show the beautiful and lavish look.

    Silestone calacatta gold review

    Silestone calacatta is very popular among the kitchen surfaces and worktops. The silestone calacatta gold review tells us that it is far more elegant choice and suited for the kitchen and bathroom surface. The silestone calacatta gold is much more stronger, easier to maintain and it does not need a sealing. Because of it’s antibacterial properties, it keeps the surface bacteria free. And can be fixed in a very small number of joints. Although there are options but mostly it looks beautiful in grey, white and black colour. Therefore the review is, this is as good as it can get.

    Does Silestone calacatta gold stain

    You might be working that would stains be a problem if you choose silestone. Yes, there is a need to worry about since the silestone is majorly white and therefore prone towards stains. So if you need to be careful about worried about stains in your kitchen. Most of the things that can leave a stain in the silestone are fruit, vegitable juice, coffee, etc. You need to be careful when you are with these kinds of things and near silestone calacatta gold.

    Sometimes even cleaning products like detergents and shop can leave a stain behind. You need to care about silestone calacatta gold in case of stains.

    What is the Silestone calacatta gold price

    The silestone calacatta gold are very beautiful and elegant. These are unique pieces of stone that will add beauty and ambience to your kitchen, bathroom, etc.

    Although some silestone calacatta gold may be costly but you can also get some beautiful stones at reasonable prices. The calacatta quartz usually come in the range of $60 to $100 per square foot. Calacatta quartz comes under reasonable price and can be affordable easily.

    One standard slab comes under the range of $70 to $100 which includes the installing charges. In some cases there can be need of more than one slab but mostly one is sufficient.


    Everyone wants to make their home a paradise. When you come home after a long day of work, you want to come to a place where you can relax and feel comfortable. Adding silestone calacatta gold to your kitchen, bathroom and other places in your home makes it look much more beautiful and elegant.

    The renovation and remodeling of house is necessary for a beautiful home. Everytime we add something new to our house, it becomes more beautiful. Not only beauty but silestone calacatta gold also provides a bacteria free environment which is great for your family , specially your kids who like to sit on the surface and play. Silestone calacatta gold is definitely a smart choice and a beautiful step towards making your home a small heaven.

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