2022 Best Methods for Replacing Hinges on Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing hinges on kitchen cabinets does not have to be a difficult or frightening task. Instead of attempting to paint the old hinges, you can install brand new hinges with proper preparation and a few tools you presumably already own. Whether your kitchen cabinet doors’ hinges have corroded away or they just need to be upgraded, the procedure necessitates some study and planning.

To begin, you must first remove the existing hinges. If they’re rusted and old, take care to toss out the old hinge, mounting plates, and screws. Continue reading to discover more about changing cabinet door hinges, whether you’re going with the same type or a different one.

replacing hinges on kitchen cabinets

Replacing kitchen cabinet hinges with soft close

Required Tools:

  • Electric screwdriver
  • Centering drill bit
  • Craftsman Screwdriver
  • Side cutters
  • Hardware

Step 1: Remove the cabinet doors firstly. Place all of the kitchen cabinet doors on the flat table once they’ve been removed.

Step 2: After that, take off the old door hinges. Once you’ve removed all the screws, snake back and forth slightly and the concealed hinges should come straight out of the bowl on the cabinet door.

Step 3: Next, trim the plastic lip with the side cutter. You’ll be able to place the new concealed hinges on a flush surface as a result of this. After you’ve removed the plastic lips, you should have a lovely smooth surface. Then line up the Blum soft-close hinges and begin drilling. The doors will then be hung on the frame.

Step 4: Then double-check that the left and right are both vertically aligned. Finally, look to determine if the area between the doors has a constant gap from top to bottom. If you don’t feel a consistent gap, turn the screw on the top or bottom hinge until it does. It’s as simple as that!

You can also follow this video from “Everyday Home Repair” on YouTube and know how to change the cabinet hinges.

Installing New Face Mount Cabinet Hinges

Tools required:

  • Craftsman Screwdriver
  • Stanley Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • DeWalt Drill Bit

Step 1: First, if possible, remove the hinge. Remove the hinge pin to split the hinge if it can be broken into pieces. It will be easy to install as a result of this.

Step 2: Then, using a measuring tape and a level, make sure your hinges are equally spaced. Make a mark where you want the hinge to go. If you’ve disassembled the hinge, ensure to indicate the locations for both parts, not just one.

Step 2: Trace around the hinge and screw holes with a pencil once you’ve chosen where the two hinge parts will go. Then make a mark in the center of the hole to indicate where the screws should go.

Step 3: Then drill the screw holes.

Step 4: Then attach the hinges and insert a screw into each hole and tighten each screw 2 or 3 turns until they are all tight. Finally, if required, replace the hinge pin.

You can also check the video below which from “Everyday Home Repair”, and then you will make this thing clearer.

Installing Concealed Cabinet Door Hinges & Handles

Tools required for this part are:

  • Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Safety Glasses
  • Drill/Driver
  • Kreg Face Clamp

Step 1: First, drill the mortise for the hinge to retreat into the door with a jig. After drilling the slot, pilot holes can be drilled for the hinge screw.

Step 2: Next, create a template based on your door and drill the dowels. Then, if your doors haven’t been finished yet, I propose doing it immediately.

Step 3: Install the hinge bases afterward. With the template in place, you can pre-drill and secure the bases with the 3/4-inch screws provided. Then delete the template.

Step 4: Next, join the very next set of hinge bases to the hinges that have been on the template by simply taking the bases from your previous hinges and putting them to those that are still on the template.

Step 5: Then install the door. Then use the hinge to find the door. The finishing touch is the door hardware. Use the Kreg Cabinet Hardware Template, which is easy to find the handle location.

You can check this video from “Rogue Engineer”.

How To Install Hidden Hinges on Old Cabinets?

Tools required:

  • Wood Filler
  • Vacuum/ Shop-Vac
  • Drill with Chuck
  • Clamps
  • Overlay Hinges

Step 1: The cabinet doors, as well as the existing hinges, must be removed first. It’s time to replace the hinges now that the old ones have been removed. Set the template where you want the hinge to be on the cabinet door.

Step 2: After that, drill a pilot hole in the location where you made the mark. You may now attach the drill bit that comes with the cabinet hinge installation template package to your drill once you’ve made the pilot hole.

Step 3: Drill until the top of the drill bit’s circular portion is flush with the cabinet door. You may now insert the hinge into the hole and secure it with the included screws! However, you must first pre-drill holes for the screws.

Step 4: After that, double-check that the door is parallel to the cabinet opening. Drill the remainder of the doors then attach them to the cabinets.

You can see this video from “Young House Love” from YouTube for more information.

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