How To Replace Bathroom Sink Vanity?

The bathroom sink vanity is a vital part of your bathroom to add modern and trendy elements. If you want to make a bathroom renovation, the easiest way to to make a change to your sink vanity. How to do that? You just need to choose a new set of sink vanity including vanity, sink, countertop, and faucet. And then follow these steps on how to replace bathroom sink vanity can you upgrade your bathroom look.

Replace Bathroom Sink Vanity

How To Choose A New Bathroom Sink Vanity Unit?

Decide On Single Or Double Sink

When choosing your new bathroom sink, you should decide how many sinks would you need at first. If you are renovating a bathroom for guests or just yourself, you can choose the single sink. On the contrary, if you are remodeling the master bathroom that you will share with your partner, you may tend to have a double sink.

Choose The Vanity Mounting Type

There are 2 different mounting types of the bathroom vanity for choice. They are floating type and free-standing types. If your bathroom is too small for setting a vanity, you can choose the pedestal sink and use wall space for storage. When determining the vanity height you will choose, take bathroom plumbing rough in height into account.

  • Floating Vanity: The floating vanity is mounted on the wall and it provides sufficient leg space. It does not have as much storage space as the free-standing type.
  • Free-standing Vanity: The free-standing vanity always sits on the legs or floor. It comes with a large storage space for your bathroom stuff.

Choose The Sink

There are various types and materials of sink basins. You can choose the basin types according to the position of your existing sink plumbing and how you want your sink to look. The most common basin material is ceramic while there are also some people who like to apply glass or metal.

  • Drop-in Sink: This kind of sink will leave the lip on the countertop to keep itself stay above the countertop.
  • Vessel Sink: This sink is atop your vanity and would not need under-mount installation. Also, it can add height to your vanity.
  • Under-mount Sink: The under-mount sink is installed beneath the countertop. It is held by special glue or adhesive and will save more counter space for you.

Choose The Countertop

  • Marble Or Other Stone: The stone countertop can add an elegant and classic look to your bathroom. And the most common material of countertop is it.
  • Ceramic: The ceramic countertop will provide a clean and tidy look to your vanity. It can fit in any style of bathroom well.
  • Acrylic: This is a kind of countertop material that is easy to clean. Moreover, it is cost-effective and you can smooth it with sandpaper once the surface is scratched.

How To Replace Bathroom Sink Vanity?

Remove The Old Sink & Vanity

If you keep the existing drainage and water pipes, it would be easier for you to choose and replace the sink vanity. To replace the bathroom sink vanity, what you should do first is remove the old sink set.

Before any work is done, you should turn off the water valve and open the faucet to release the remaining water. Then you can start by disconnecting the sink and pipes. First, unscrew the nut and remove the P-trap under the sink. Second, disconnect the cold and hot water supply lines. Then you may find your countertop or basin edge is attached to the wall by the sealant. So, the third step is cutting through the sealant with a razor blade or knife and removing the sink.

The vanity that attaches to the wall is always secured by screws. You need to loosen the screws to remove the vanity. If needed, you can repair the wall behind your old sink vanity that is damaged during the project.

Determine The New Set’s Position

After repairing the wall, measure your new vanity height and mark a line on the back wall with a level. Next, you can use the stud finder to determine the wall studs and mark them with a pencil. Also, measure the positions of the drainage and water supply pipes and mark them on the back of the new vanity. Then cut pipe holes with a hole saw and remember to sand them down so as not to damage your pipes.

Set The New Vanity

Place your new vanity into position and check if it aligns with the line you marked. Then you can secure the vanity to the wall studs with screws. Sometimes there’s no wall stud in one’s bathroom, in this case, you will need wall anchors to secure your vanity. If the vanity also leans against the sidewall, fix it on the sidewall after filling the side gap.

Install The Vanity Top and Basin

Make sure the vanity is fixed firmly to the wall and you can seal it with the vanity top. The most common method is to seal up with caulk. Apply caulk onto the top corners of the vanity and overhang the countertop. When the filling caulk solidifies, the countertop will attach to the vanity tightly and you can fit the basin to the countertop.

Connect The Plumbing And Faucet

Reinstall the water supply lines and drainage pipes. Next, connect the water supply lines to the new faucet as well as the drainage pipes to the drain trap. It is not so hard for you to install the faucet. Place the faucet into the hole provided on the countertop. Align it to your basin and make sure it is perpendicular to the countertop.  Secure the faucet in place from the below tap hole and connect it with water supply lines. And you’ve finished your bathroom sink vanity replacement project.

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