YIGII Wall Mounted Towel Rack KS126

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  • 2 IN 1 New Style Bathroom Towel Rack: Rolled wall-mounted towel rack + Bathroom towel hooks. One remarkable design from YIGII. It’s the perfect solution for all your towel storage needs!


  • Large Towel Storage Space : 3 dry fluffy bath towels on top/ 4 wet towels on hooks or 12 standard face towels.
    This towel holder is a must-have for anyone who has limited space and wants to be able to keep their towels organized.


  • Material: Strong high-quality carbon steel; Black matt smooth finish


  • Package: installation kit x 1 (expansion screw x4; black screw x 6; nut x 2); manual x 1; rolled towel holder x 1; towel rack hooks x 1
    And because it’s made with sturdy materials, you can rest assured that it will last for years of use.


If you live in a RV with limited space, live in the South and have no linen wardrobe, need a pool towel holder, and don’t have room to store it—you’ll be very happy with this black towel rack.


A Towel Storage Rack or A Towel Drying Rack? Both!
This Wall Towel Rack will allow you to organize your towels of any color, size, or even function.
It also comes with hooks so that you can store more than one type of towel at once. The hooks can dry your towel and makes it a wonderful Towel Drying Rack.



You Can Roll Them Or Hang Them!
It’s not only stylish and convenient—it also helps you keep your towels organized. It can hold up to 7 towels at once, so you won’t have to worry about losing any.


bathroom towel rack


Use It For Any Storage
The Wall Towel Rack can not only be used for bathroom towel storage. It can also be used as an accessory for any kind of room in your home—even if it’s your kitchen!
It makes a great Over The Door Towel Rack too!
And did I mention it’s also portable? Just set it up wherever you want it!

Great Pool Towel Rack Too!
It’s also UV-resistant so it won’t fade from the sun or shrink from excessive moisture. Ideal for drying off after swimming or using as a pool towel hanger.


towel storage rack


No Digging Towel In Closet Anymore
If you’re tired of having to dig through your linen closet every time you want to change out your towels, this is the perfect solution for you!
It’s small enough to fit on a shelf or in a closet, but it’ll hold up to 7 big fluffy towels and 12 normal size towel.


bathroom towel storage


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