YIGII Vertical Toilet Paper Holder 131Y

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  • Brand: YIGII
  • Installation method: Self-adhesive (without drilling )
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish type: Brushed
  • Product size: 2.75 x 3.54 x 5.31 inches
  • Net weight: 0.2 KG



One Holder For Two Use: Vertical Toilet Paper Holder vs Horizontal

With this high-quality vertical toilet paper holder, you can get a practical accessory to upgrade your bathroom!


  • Self-adhesive Easy Assembly: You can easily use the self-sticking pad to attach the adhesive toilet paper holder on a wall or on the cabinet door or you can choose to attach it to the side of your sink.


  • Simple Minimalist Design: It is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a gorgeous silver color. With a brushed shiny look, the toilet paper holder is a modern eye-catcher for every bathroom.


vertical toilet paper holder


The Most Secure Paper Storage Way: Vertical toilet paper storage!

It can not only serve as a horizontal toilet paper holder but also a vertical toilet paper holder.

But the vertical assembly way will be more trustworthy as the roll can roll on the holder more safely.


  • Never Move After Sticking: Before sticking, it is essential to determine the exact place on the tile as the holder sticks extremely strong when it first touches the wall. A subsequent move is therefore not possible. So you won’t need to worry about the paper storage holder falling off.


  • Note: It’s important to really clean your surface before applying the adhesive and removing all air pockets so that water can’t get in.


vertical toilet paper storage


  • Cylindrical Design For Smooth Rotation: The surface of the holder is very smooth and has no burrs so the toilet paper can unroll on it quickly and easily. You can spin the roll pretty smoothly.


  • Anti-slipping End Tip: There is an end knob part at the tip of the roll holder. This prevents the rollers from sliding off the holder. Hold the paper roll back when you pull. So never worry about paper falling and rolling on the ground.


  • Stainless Steel Body: The holder feels high-quality and has very accurate and precise workmanship. Not a defect on the surface that you can spot.


horizontal toilet paper holder


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11 reviews for YIGII Vertical Toilet Paper Holder 131Y

  1. Robin Barnes

    Well made and Great for the price!

  2. Larshine

    Pretty good for a stick-on holder

  3. Victor

    Excellent quality and easy installation. Our grandson was having a difficult time reaching the toilet paper holder in our bathroom. So I purchased this holder and installed it on the side of our vanity, to make it easy for our young grandson to reach the toilet paper.

  4. Teresa

    I bothered my husband for 6 months to fix out “one arm” TP holder drilled into our bathroom cabinet in our small bathroom and the screw constantly loosening itself so the entire TP roll would end up on the floor all the time. It was really a pain to think about fixing (we would had to remove drawers and get inside the cabinet to really fix correctly), so simply removing it and sticking on this one was so easy!

    A couple of things to know – the distance between the surface you are sticking to and the arm of the device is not necessarily super wide for the “MEGA” size r rolls we are all buying now. Not really a problem, but when the Big roll is first put on, it’s a bit snug in its rolling. One other tip, slant the open end up a tiny bit (not exactly aligned at a right angle) so the TP roll stays on securely and doesn’t fall off.
    Great solution to a very annoying problem!

  5. Chas

    Perfect for the camper – easy to install!

  6. Joseph Riley

    No messy drilling into our RV walls. This TP holder fastened very easily. We will see how it holds up to children ripping at it, I will update. But it seems to be pretty solid and I put it on during pretty humid conditions. Also, the command brand satin finish towel bar does match, we bought that too.

  7. Gloria Moore

    Our small, second bathroom is very confining. I found it hard to reach the toilet paper where it was located. I placed my new YIGII self stick holder in a much better place and am very pleased with the easiness and convenience it provides.

  8. RitaLD

    I live in senior citizen housing. While I have enough room for my needs, I try not to “clutter” the space that I have. This toilet paper holder is perfect for me. It fits in a space I hadn’t realized I could use for that purpose. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

  9. Leslie

    Great solution for my small bathroom that had no convenient place to put a toilet paper holder and it took less than 1 minute to install

  10. Paul

    sturdy and looks 10x the price!

  11. Wanita M. Lindsey

    Our new house has tiny bathrooms, so we can’t use stands to hold the toilet paper, and we didn’t want to drill the vanities. These stick to the side of the vanity. Really well. I put one in each bathroom a year ago, they’re still just as well attached now. I bought a third one for someone else.

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