YIGII Towel Rod Black KS011H




  • Brand: YIGII
  • Product: Black Towel Rod; Brushed Towel Rod
  • Product Model: KS011H; KS011
  • Color: Matte Black / Silver
  • The length of the bath towel rail: 39 cm
  • The distance from the wall: 5 cm
  • Body material: Premium-grade stainless steel
  • Installation method: self-adhesive type, no punching



The compact and easy-to-hide towel rod is perfect for mounting next to the sink in the kitchen or bathroom!

Hang and organize your hand towels, face towels, bath towels in a more elegant way!



  • 39cm Long Arm: The kitchen towel rod has a long 39cm arm that holds at least 2 towels. Can store more towels than normal towel rods.


  • Clean Surface Easily: The smooth surface ensures that dirt and dust can not hide. You can just use a clean cloth to wipe any stains off.


  • Save Your Space: The space-saving design and compact size of the hand towel rod is perfect for small bathrooms or small kitchen and for assembling near your sink.


  • Strong Adhesive Tape: The rod comes with a premium-grade adhesive back that can easily hold the weight of wet towels, bathrobes, clothes, etc.


  • High-end Matte Black Finish: The surface has gone through a nice matte black surface treatment. It can better resist scratch and show a more high-end look.


39cm matte black towel rod


The matte black surface makes the rod look very chic and high-end.

It is a very sturdy towel holder and very easy to assemble.

Won’t fall off after half a day even with two or three thick large towels hanging on it!


next to sink long towel bar


The 39cm long bar makes sure that your towel can spread out and dry completely on it.

You can rest assured that your damp towel will be dry the next time you use it.

Also, this is a simple sturdy rack with great gluing performance. Not to mention its extremely easy and instant assembly.

It has an industry-leading strong self-adhesive tape that could support the weight of the two towels.

You will feel secure knowing that your towels are hanging with steadiness.


matte black towel rod


Long black towel rod installation video:





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