YIGII Towel Rack For RV 138-140


Brand: YIGII

Product: Brushed Towel Rack For RV; Black Towel Rack For RV

Product Model: 138-40; 138-40H

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver / Black

Finish: Brushed Finish / Matte Finish

Dimensions: 13 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm

Distance To Wall: 2.63inches

Weight: 220 Grams

Style: Minimalistic

Package Included: Towel Rack For RV * 1


Beautiful & Practical Towel Rack For RV


Take Up Small Space & Can Work As Towel Rack Or Toilet Paper Holder!

If you want to install a towel holder near your vanity sink but only have a small space, don’t worry, this towel rack for RV will be a great solution. It takes up very little space to help you hold a towel securely.


Towel drying rack for RV


Towel Rack For RV — Keep Towel Handy And Dry Them Effectively


Would Not Add More Holes On Wall: The towel rack is an adhesive product so you don’t have to nail anything into the wall. Before sticking it on the wall, you need to clean the surface to remove anything that would interfere with the adhesive. This step would ensure the adhesion to last long-term. Waiting 24 hours before hanging things will make the attachment stronger. Finally, you will have a durable towel rack.


Perfect Size To Use In Small Space: The towel rack for RV is in a compact size so can fit in small space very well. If you want a towel hanger in your small bathroom or camper, this would be the perfect-sized one to help dry your towel. Or you can use it as a toilet paper holder as well.


RV towel rack


Suitable Design To Hold Towels And Toilet Paper: The construction of the towel rack is solid. Its handle is slender and cylindrical. Hence, whether it is a hand towel or toilet paper, the holder can hold it securely.

Also, the handle comes with a bending end to stop whatever is hung on them from sliding off. Moreover, the open-ended feature can make easy removal pulling off the towel and toilet paper.


Minimalistic Style To Fit Anywhere: The towel rack for RV has a modern look that can complement your bathroom, powder room, and kitchen very well. There are silver and black for you to choose from. You can assemble the towel rack on the side of the sink to keep the hand towel within reach.


Towel drying rack for RV




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