YIGII Towel Hooks For Bathroom Adhesive KS021H



Exquisite & Premium Material: The towel hooks for bathroom adopt premium 304 stainless steel that is highly resistant to corrosion. The material is stronger and high quality, which is a big distinction from cheap-looking plastic hooks.


No-fade & Stain-resistant Surface: The surface has gone through advanced surface treatment and is highly resistant to wear and tear. This effectively reduces fingerprints and the collecting of dust and oil on it.


All-match Matt Black Style: The Matt black look is elegant and can match any kind of bathroom style including the modern or farmhouse one.


Slanted & Deep Hook: The unique towel hooks have a slanted curve design for secure hanging. The inclined hooks are deep enough for robes or hanging a couple of coats or clothes for getting ready.


Super Functional Hooks: The large hook is very functional for hanging all kinds of your daily stuff for easy access. It is ideal for hanging your bathroom accessories, kitchen utensils, daily hangable stuff, etc.


Strong Adhesive Installation: An instant attaching to the wall. The strong adhesive pads keep the towel hook secured to the wall. Its adhesion works really well.



Damage-free Towel Hooks For Bathroom: Hang Your Towels, Cooking Utensils & Clothes Up!

Free Up More Space From A Small Bathroom & Kitchen & Bedroom!



Material: stainless steel

Size: 6.5 x 5.5 x 3 cm

Color: Black

Package: Bathroom towel hook × 4


black door hooks


Well-made and Nicely Finished Towel Hooks For Bathroom

The bathroom hooks are both sturdy and very attractive. Look very high quality and have high toughness, hardness, and scratch resistance.

The stainless steel metal is not some cheap junk like those lightweight space aluminum but got a solid and smooth feel when you touch it.

The towel hooks for bathroom are brilliant hooks that easy-to-clean. Great Matt black finish makes them free of water spots and fingerprints.

The smooth and cleanly polished edges protect your body or clothes from getting scratched.

The sleek surface and no sharp edges make sure that it is safe to hold coats,  jackets, pants, shirts, bags, bathrobes, bath towels, kitchen towels, hand towels, etc.


Matt black shower door hooks


Nice Classy Look & A More Luxurious Look

The Matt black surface is classy looking! The low-key matte black color creates a high-end feel.

The textured, smooth touch shows a great quality-looking, which adds a touch of sophistication and class to any room.

Matt black hooks are always the top in the fashion world, offering a timeless look and all-match convenience.

The unique slanted design and the style of clean and smooth lines present a unique and delicate look.

The shape is simple to look at and of minimalist style, bringing your bathroom a sleek appearance. Add contemporary style to your bathroom and kitchen.


black hooks for tile shower wall


How to install the bathroom towel hook:

  1. Be sure to keep the surface dry and clean before pasting.
  2. Remove the sticky protective cover. Glue the hook to the wall.
  3. Extrude air from the center to make the hook fully contact the wall and stick to it firmly.

Note: Not suitable for painted walls, plaster walls, wallpaper and rough and uneven surfaces. Once you stick to a loose surface, your wall may be damaged when you remove the towel hook



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