YIGII Toilet Roll Holder 123LH

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Chic Design, Good quality and Easy Assembly

  • Brand: YIGII
  • Color: Black
  • Material: SUS304 stainless steel
  • Distance between the screw holes: 9cm
  • Package included: 1* toilet roll holder with phone shelf, an adhesive patch in the matching size, a set of screws + dowels.



Sturdy Toilet Roll Holder With Shelf:


If you are looking for a toilet paper holder that can be both glued and screwed, here is your perfect holder with additional storage space for your smartphone!


toilet roll holder with shelf


Flexible 2 Mounting Options: Stick It On VS Screw It On

The stainless steel toilet paper holder with shelf comes with screws and screw lids as well as a 3M sticker.


The attachment is quite simple, and you choose either to use an adhesive pad to stick it on or drill two holes and then screw it on.


It’s always good to have another option. You can decide whether to use the 3M adhesive pad or drill 2 holes for attachment.


stainless steel toilet paper holder with shelf


Self-adhesive Toilet Roll Holder: Easy Assembly, Strong Hold, No Residual Left


If you choose to attach it on with the self adhesive, the assembly is the easiest. Just remove the protective film of the pad and stick the whole holder on!


The glued holder holds super tight with the 3M adhesive pad on the back provides sufficient hold for the holder. When gluing, you should start straight at the bottom and press against the wall. And to ensure its hold, the surface you stick the holder on should be smooth and clean and free of grease.


3M double-sided adhesive pad can usually be removed without leaving any residue. You only need a small scraper to remove the adhesive residue.


toilet roll holder with phone shelf


Perfect For Use in Rental Apartment, Give You Another Option

  • Robust High-quality Metal Material: The matte black toilet paper holder with shelf itself is made of to-grade SUS 304 stainless steel. With the sturdy material, the holder is relatively heavy, giving a high-quality and high-end feel.


  • Chic Matt Look: The toilet roll holder black has a classy looking. It is a well-thought-out and elegant tool for bathroom toilet roll holding with an additional phone shelf design. The shelf can also prevent water from soaking the roll of toilet paper.



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1 review for YIGII Toilet Roll Holder 123LH

  1. G.Bowman

    I was remodeling my bathroom and I wanted a different toilet paper holder other than one of those cheap white plastic ones…I came across this one and I liked the ledge it came with….it’s described as using it for your cell phone I wanted it for holding baby wipes…..now I have the toilet paper and the wipes in one place…it is very well made easy installation and looks classy…..highly recommend…….

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