YIGII Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder 131

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Fits Big Roll: Maximum length of paper roll is 5.51-inch and the distance to the wall is 2.55 inches. Holds even jumbo-sized rolls of toilet tissue.

Premium Construction Material: Constructed by premium stainless steel to protect against corrosion & rust. Ideal for storing paper in humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Two Installation Options: You can choose to vertically or horizontally install it according to your need. Both ways reach gorgeous looking and secure holding.

No Falling-off Design: There is a bump design at the end of the bar to securely protect the paper roll from slipping off.

Modern & Sleek Design: Modern shape with simple & smooth shiny lines matches any of your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom furniture style.

Installing without Drilling: Stronger self-adhesive, just peel off the film of the adhesive pad and stick it on the smooth wall surface, then press for several seconds and wait 24 hours.



A Multi-functional Toilet Paper Holder For Toilet Paper, Disposable Face Towel, Kitchen Towel, Hand Towel!



Product: Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

Material: SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Installation method: Self-adhesive

Total Length: Roll’s length: 5.51 inches,

Distance to the wall: 2.55 inches,

Dimensions of the plate: 3.54 ×1.77 inches.

Package Includes: Toilet Paper Holder x 1

Finish Type: Brushed


Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder: Great for Bathroom, Kitchen Cabinet, Toilet, etc.

-Vertically Installed

As a great toilet paper holder, keep the toilet paper away from the wall, have sufficient space to rotate.

Perfectly suitable for most toilet paper rolls.  More compact, space-saving and simple looking than a stand-type paper roll storage holder.



-Horizontally Installed

As a bathroom towel holder, a great accessory to the bathroom with its modern look.

With sleek curves and a glossy appearance, it can well integrate into the decor style of your toilet, bathroom, washroom, restroom, etc.

A beautiful accessory to your space decor!



As a kitchen paper towel holder under the cabinet, keep your pantry and countertops organized and clutter-free.


Save Your Space, Say Goodbye to Messy

Keep your bathroom organized. With this toilet paper bar, you will not leave your toilet paper all over the place and make it roll everywhere.

A very functional and beautiful tool to keeps your toilet paper all dry, neat and tidy in the bathroom!

You can also use it for tidying away your hand towels in your bathroom or kitchen.

Other than serving as both a toilet paper organizer also a hand towel holder.

Widely used in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and other places. A great holder for everything!



How to Install:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface of the wall and wipe it dry.
  2. Then pull off the back cover of the pad.
  3. Attach the hook to the smooth wall surface and press it for about 5-8 seconds.
  4. Wait for 24 hours before hanging anything on it to make sure the hook is fixed tightly on the surface.


1) Make certain the surface of the wall is clean and dry before installing the toilet paper rod.

2) It must be a smooth surface such as tiles, metal surfaces, glass, etc., not rough surfaces, painted walls or walls with wallpaper.


An installation video is shown below:




Removal Tips:

To remove an adhesive holder, you only need to use a hairdryer to heat the sticky area.

Then step by step scratch the adhesive off with a blade and the bar will be successfully removed.


7 reviews for YIGII Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder 131

  1. Adrian Cooper

    I like the square design instead of circular. The toilet paper holder can spin the roll smoothly and quickly, and not that quickly so as to not cause waste of paper like the circular type does. It feels sturdy and sticks well to the wall. I’ve had it for one month now. It stays just fine. I truly recommend it and I’ll be buying another one soon.

  2. Dominike

    The package arrived very quickly and well packaged.

    At first, I was a bit scared because I couldn’t believe that the holder only sticks to the tiles with adhesive tape, but it turns out to be very stable and sturdy!

    We have decided to order another screw-type one with the same hole distance so we don’t have to close old holes in the tiles and drill new ones. And it fits perfectly! This holder also looks good and is neutral-looking to actually fit into any bathroom.

  3. Ryan Clark

    I moved into a new apartment that didn’t offer toilet paper holder in the toilet, so I purchased this.
    I didn’t have much faith in adhesive products, BUT this has totally changed my mind! It adheres sturdily and holds the toilet paper safely. It is just what I need!

  4. Joan Reid

    Exactly as described, looks expensive and very stylish.
    Literally the easiest thing to install. Been up about three month, it hasn’t fallen off. Good quality!

  5. Charles Stevens

    I’m using this in an RV with a small bathroom and it works pretty well to survive the trip.
    Very easy application, just peel and stick. The adhesive is so strong enough and the shape is very spiffy to fit my camper. Definitely a good purchase.

  6. Lois Martin

    I don’t like to drill holes on my tile walls but want a holder to hold the toilet paper. This one definitely fulfill my need! Good price and nice modern look! I tried to pulling it off just to see nope. Awesome adhesive! I want to buy some other for ALL THE RESTROOMS!

  7. Rebecca White

    Great value for the money! It comes with a super strong 3M pad to hold steadily. The stainless steel makes it look more expensive than it is. I have it fixed to the side of the sink cabinets, next to the toilette. It matches my bathroom decor very well. I would absolutely recommend this.

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