YIGII Toilet Paper Dispenser 152

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Detachable Bar Design: The toilet paper dispenser makes paper rolls easy to change out. Just put the paper roll into the roller bar and then reinsert the roller into the insert slots every time you need to change out for a new roll of toilet paper roll.

Close-end Design: Make paper roll more fixed on the bar than those open-sided bar design. So the paper roll will not have the chance of falling off. The toilet paper roll can turn smoothly around the roller bar.

Spacious & Convenient Top Shelf: The top shelf is large enough to hold a mobile phone, iPad, diapers, watches, glasses, air fresheners, etc. You can also place a pot of green plant on the shelf of the paper roll holder to increase the beauty of your bathroom.

Rugged & Durable Material: High-quality 304 stainless steel material will not rust under any circumstances including the humid bathroom. Super sturdy and water-resistant.

Two installation methods: 1. Adhesive tape sticking without drilling, just peel off the film of the self-adhesive pad on the back and stick it on the smooth wall surface. 2. Wall-mounted way: only drill two holes, screws & screw covers included in the package.

Smooth-to-touch Finish: Great craftsmanship ensure there is no weird edges on the holder. All edges are carefully deburred to prevent hand cuts or tearing apart your paper roll.


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Toilet Paper Dispenser:

Do you bring your cell phone everywhere and anytime even when you use the bathroom?

Tissue Holder With Shelf: A great way to keep from dropping your phone in the toilet!

It Is the Ultimate Paper Roll Holder That Makes Life Easier: Free up Your Hand with a Large Shelf for Cellphone



Material: SUS-304 stainless steel.

Size: 6.10 x 3.74 x 3.15 (inch),

Roll length : 5.24 inch.

Net weight: 0.25 KG

Package Included: Toilet Paper Holder x 1, including an adhesive tape



Large-roll-fitting Multifunctional Toilet Paper Dispenser

Chic looking: High-grade shiny stainless steel will add a new brightening atmosphere to your bathroom.

Spacious & multifunctional: The top shelf is pretty spacious for a larger phone or your iPad placement and helps reduce the risk of dropping the phone in the toilet.

Large roll fitting: Fit almost any standard-size toilet paper roll with just enough room to not touch the wall or the top shelf. And the internal space is also large enough to hold a large roll of toilet paper.

Falling-down-proof: The adhesive pad on the back is generous and strong. And you can also choose the screw mounting way for double securing. You don’t have to worry about the easy drop.

Durable to use for a lifetime: The high-quality 304 stainless steel material can ensure its durability and reliability, and will not rust under any damp environments.

Easy to change out paper roll: You only need to push up the bar to unhook it from the rests on each end. Take the bar off and then put it back on with a full roll on it.


paper roll holder


Choose Either Flexible Way to Mount: For Double Reassurance

There are two installation methods offered. Self-adhesive type and wall-mounted one that requires a bit of drilling. You can choose either way or both ways according to your needs.

Self-adhesive installation: It is a very easy way and surface-friendly way to install. You can easily tear off the protective film and successfully fix it within seconds and not cause any damage to the wall at all. If you stick it on a flat, clean wall, it will not be possible for it to fall off.

The wall-mounted installation: There will be screws, expansion screws and other parts that are dispensable for the installation all included in the package. Only two holes are needed for putting it up. You can choose the screw installation method along with the sticking way for achieving double reassurance.


tissue holder


See How to Install Toilet Paper Holder In Below Video:



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