YIGII Stainless Steel Shower Caddy KS046-1


Easy To Install & No Holes On Your Wall

Brand: YIGII

Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Color: Silver

Product Dimensions: 10.71 x 4.61 x 2.91 inches

Weight: 15.2 ounces

Shape: Rectangular

Suitable To Install In: Bathroom & Kitchen

Package Included: Stainless Shower Shower Caddy*1 & Self-adhesive Tape*2

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Stainless Shower Shower Caddy


Make Use Of Wall Space To Organize Your Shower Supplies Or Seasoning Pots!

If you find that your bathroom and kitchen are always in a mess and you want to have them organized, this stainless steel shower caddy will be the best choice to make things in order.



Stainless shower caddy


Stainless Shower Shower Caddy–Your Best Bottle Storage Helper In Bathroom & Kitchen


  • Large Size To Accommodate A Lot: The length and width of the shower basket are 29cm and 10cm respectively. This gives it plenty of room to hold things. You can put your body wash, face wash, shampoo, and conditioner, etc. Also, if you fix it in your kitchen, it can help organize your seasoning jars.


  • Amazing Adhesion, Never Budge: The tape sticks sturdily enough to hold the shower caddy. Whether you put all your shower supplies or a set of seasoning jars on it, there will be no sign that it will come off the wall. The super-strong adhesion makes it able to hold a surprising amount of weight.


  • No Mildew & Water Stain: You may find that some shower shelves without drainage design always make the bottles dingy with mildew and water stain. The hollowed-out bottoms of this shower caddy let the water drip out completely. So you don’t end up with mildew and water stain under bottles.


hanging shower caddy


Installation & Disassemble Tips:


  • First of all, clean the surface on which you want to place the stainless steel shower caddy. Make sure it is dust-free, grease-free, and dry.


  • Secondly, paste the glue strip base, press for seconds to expel the air, and then hang the basket on. Wait 24 hours to let it attach to the wall more tightly, then you can begin putting things on it.


  • You can remove it easily. Just use a hairdryer to heat the tape base and remove it with a scraper. It will leave no glue mark on your wall. Without the tape, the basket can still be used for storage.


Stainless shower caddy


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