YIGII Sponge Holder for Sink 107(4 PCS)

(7 customer reviews)


Material: SUS 304 stainless steel, rust-proof and waterproof.

Good ventilation and fast drainage keep the sponge dry and easy to clean. Hang the sponge, tea towel and sink plug to keep it clean and save space.

Self-adhesive kitchen sponge holder: The adhesive back panel is made of tape, which is strong and durable.

No drilling is required to assemble: just tear off the rubber cushion film, stick it on a smooth wall surface, and press for a few seconds.

Note: Before installation, please dry the surface of the wall, especially the wall next to the sink, and let it stand for 12 hours to maintain a better glue, and then hang it on it.

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YIGII Adhesive Kitchen Sponge Holder for Sink 107

The function of the bowl sponge rack is good ventilation performance, which can quickly drain the water, keep the sponge dry, keep it clean, and save space.

The sponge-shelf kitchen sink is a good helper for the kitchen.

Material: 304 stainless steel

Net weight: 0.2 kg

Back: self-adhesive

Packing includes sponge holder×4

Sponge frame
The sponge holder is exquisite and simple and can be used to hang other kitchen utensils.








Suitbale Walls and Not Suitbale Walls

Installation Precautions:

It can only be used on smooth surfaces, such as glass, tiles, mirrors, artificial marble, plastic, paneling,

Do not stick smooth surfaces such as metal surfaces on uneven surfaces (such as paper walls or painted walls).

How to uninstall Sink Sponge Holder When It Is Not Needed:

The self-adhesive sponge holder needs to use a hairdryer to heat the adhesive before use

Scrape its blade gradually.

7 reviews for YIGII Sponge Holder for Sink 107(4 PCS)

  1. Kathlene

    Vienen 4 en el paquete,fácil de instalar y buen soporte.

  2. Sharon

    I love love this holder. I’ve been looking for something like this because I don’t care for the suction cup type of holders and the caddy’s that go over the middle of the sink just take up too much space so this was perfect to hold my sponge and let it dry properly. Biggest plus…it sticks very well to my sink, even if it gets wet

  3. Lori Marissa Schwartz

    Originally bought for sponges but realized its a perfect fit/strong enough to hold my pretty hefty scrub brush as well. They are attractive and not cheap looking at all. And unlike crappy suction cup things, gunk doesn’t get stuck inside or behind them. It stays adhered to my sink with no probems 😉

  4. johnnylikemopar

    Like the minimalist design and that it takes up less space than most others. Also that I don’t have to worry about the suction cups getting old, weak and ugly over time.

  5. Ellen

    Replaced my standard plastic sponge holder with this and I am extremely happy. It doesn’t collect the nasty water, its very minimalistic, and extremely sturdy for a sponge holder. So simple and so nice.

  6. Laura M Gates

    This gives that pesky kitchen sponge a clean, convenient, unobtrusive place to live. Finally!

  7. Charlie

    Wanted them to put near my sink to organize bottle brushes and etc. I took my time in placing them because I didn’t think they would relocate easily and I was right! I placed them VERY lightly against the wall to judge whether or not they were straight and then adjusted them so they would be in a straight line. I had to tug a little to move them even when being that careful. The adhesive is very strong so be sure to work out exactly where you want them before pressing them down!

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