YIGII Soap Dish 112

(5 customer reviews)


Soap Finally Lies Dry & Easy To Clean & No Drilling

Brand: YIGII

Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Color: Silver

Surface: Polished Finish

Size: 12.7 x 10.7 x 6.4 cm

Item Weight: 290 g

Package Included: Soap Dish*1 & Wall Holder*1 & Sponge Pad*1


Chic & Effective Soap Dish


Water & Goo Drain Away And Soap Has A Happy Living Place!

If you use a conventional soapbox, you may notice that it doesn’t really drain well. And the soap always ends up being a gloppy stinky dirty mess. That’s disgusting, right? Here, the soap dish with sponge saver will never let your bar soap be like that!


soap dish box


Soap Dish–Keep Soap Dry, Make You A Happy Life!


  • Hang On The Wall Or Put Around The Sink: There are two kinds of assembly you can choose from. If you have a spare space near your sink, you can put the soapbox right there. On the contrary, if there is not enough space, you can hang it on the wall with the 3M strip.


  • Drain Pretty Well To Dry Soap: The sponge saver with a very nice mesh weaving allows water to drain through and leave soap residue. Also, there are multiple drainage holes at the bottom of the soap holder to help drain water. Such design will barely leave any wetness underneath and the soap will never be squishy.


  • Take Few Time To Clean: If you hang the soap dish on the wall, you can simply take it off and clean it. As for the sponge saver, clean-up is as easy as rinsing it under warm water and squeezing it. Repeat a few times and you’re done.


soap dish holder


No Mould & Never Fall & Non-Slip:


  • There is a sponge saver inside the soap dish. It will drain water and absorb a lot of soap scum to make it dry quickly. Therefore, the mould cannot multiply so fast.


  • The base equipped with a 3M sticker can attach to the wall firmly. The hooks will set into the slot on the soap dish tightly enough that it does not fall off at every touch.


  • The soap dish has 4 small rubber feet on the bottom, which have a strong non-slip effect if you put it on the slippery edge of your sink.


plastic-free soap dish


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5 reviews for YIGII Soap Dish 112

  1. Dan T. Johnson

    Yay, no more soap on the countertops, or having to drain the soap dish every few uses. It does what it says it does, perpetually drains the soap and soapy water away, without having to handle anything. Keeps the counters neat and clean, and no more slimy soap left in the dish, like before, even when I would use a drainer inside the soap dish.

  2. cyndi

    The colors are bright simple and elegant and these are small enough to fit on my slim built-in shower shelves.

  3. Eric B.

    I was a bit concerned as some reviews described receiving something that wasn’t like the description. Not a problem. Right material. Right coloring. Having a good experience with a good product.

  4. Gregg v.

    Put in bath soap dish to keep soap from slipping off. Also drains water so soap lasts longer and stays put.

  5. C R

    Soap bar stays in place. Soap bar stays a bar (instead of becoming a gooshy mess). And the “dish” is super duper easy to clean. I keep the dish right by the edge of the sink for water drainage.

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