YIGII Shower Towel Hook 139H-4


Stable, Nice Look And Very Flexible To Use

Brand: YIGII

Color: Black

Finish: Matte Finish

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 1.77 x 1.77 x 1.18 inches

Weight: ‎6.4 ounces

Package included: shower towel hooks*4

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Shower Towel Hook


A Multifunctional And Decorative Appliance For Your Bathroom!

If you are looking for something to hang your towels but you don’t want to make any damage like drilling holes in the bathroom, the self-adhesive shower towel hooks will fit your need. And you’ll find it does more than just hang towels.


stainless shower towel hook


Shower Towel Hook: Self-adhesive, And Super Simple Assembly


It is completely easy for you to install the shower towel hook by yourself. The whole process of installation does not require any professional skills.


Just note that the hooks need to be fixed on a smooth, hard surface in order to play the most desired role. Smooth surfaces include marble surfaces, glass, ceramic tile, etc.

Fantastic Durability: With SUS304 stainless steel As Material


SUS304 stainless steel has the characteristics of waterproofness, rust resistance, and corrosion resistance. These features make it possible for the hooks to work for a long time.



robe hook

High Load Capacity: Attach To The Wall Sturdily To Hold Things Safely


Matching a 3M adhesive strip on the back, the shower towel hooks have an extremely high viscosity. Once you install them in the right way, they will stick to the surface very tight. Therefore, the hooks have excellent load-bearing capacity. Even hanging heavy objects like wet towels and bathrobes on the hooks won’t let them come off easily.


Appealing Design: Matte Black Finish, And Reasonable Bending Angle  


The matte black finish makes the shower towel hooks look more attractive. And no matter where you install the hooks, they will be compatible with any other modern designed home decor very well. Besides, the matte surface prevents the hooks from quickly appearing dingy due to water stains and children’s hands.


The handle of the hook extends straightly and ends with an appropriate angle. This design makes sure the hook keeps things securely in place.


frameless shower towel hook


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