YIGII Shower Door Hooks KH021-136-4


Stylish Look, Strong Stability And Weight-bearing

Brand: YIGII

Color: Silver

Finish: Brushed Finish

Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions:80 x 25 x 20 mm

Door Rebate Width: 20 mm

Package included: shower door hooks*4


Shower Door Hooks


With These Shower Door Hooks, Tidying Up Can Be Done In No Time!

Are you looking for some space saver to help you tidy up your room? Have you ever thought that your door can be used to store items? The shower door hook will fulfill your need above!


over the shower door hooks


Shower Door Hooks: Simple Assembly and Removal


The installation of the shower door hooks is easier than the adhesive hooks. What you need to do is place the hooks over the door and slip them to the appropriate place. If you’re not content with where they are, you can adjust them freely. Additionally, you can remove them easily to attach them to other doors for use.


Decent Quality Metal: SUS304 Stainless Steel


Taking SUS304 stainless steel for material, these hooks are quite durable and sturdy to hold things safely. They are not so easy to flex due to heavy weight and you can hang heavy stuff on without any concerns.


Furthermore, SUS304 stainless steel has good waterproof and anti-corrosive properties, which make the hooks suitable to use in the bathroom. They can stay steadily for long-term use.


chrome shower door hooks


Stylish Appearance: Silver Color, Brushed Finish, And Aesthetic Handle


The design of these shower door hooks is quite stylish and modern, which can match your home decor very well. Visually, the silver color can make the environment look cleaner. And the brushed finish can protect the hook from fading. Besides, the handle of the hook provides a good sense of design and decoration.


Befitting Size: Thin Enough To Apply Between The Door And Its Frame


With a high-density sponge pad inside, the shower door hook is still very thin. Therefore, the hooks will not make the door get jammed or rubbed when closing. They won’t leave any marks on the door or the door frame. And the sponge layer will prevent any scratches.


curved shower door hooks


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