YIGII Towel Ring Self Adhesive KS001

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  • Anti-slip 180° Swing Design: The towel ring is easy to adjust. You can easily adjust it to any angle you like. With an anti-rotation design, it can hold the towel stably at your desired angle all the time so you can make the ring stay in your desired direction and do not fall off.
  • Charming Circular Design: The circular design makes the towel holding area looks more charming and elegant. The towel-holding spot becomes a very beautiful & eye-pleasing scene to look at.
  • Scratch-proof Polished Surface: The surface is delicately polished to reach a highly smooth effect. Make your living space more bright and modern. Offer a neat, elegant & shiny shower environment to you.
  • Anti-falling Shape: The closed circle design can stop items from falling quite effectively, more secure than those open-sided towel holders. You don’t have to worry about towel sliding anymore.
  • Compact Size For Neat Organizing: The compact size of the towel ring is perfect for a small bathroom or kitchen. It only occupies a small space on the wall next to your sink, washbasin or other places for face cloths, dishcloths and hand towels, etc.
  • Rust-proof 304 Material: Made of SUS 304 stainless steel, the towel ring shows incredibly high durability and is rust-free. It will not corrode or rust in any moist and wet conditions. The exquisite workmanship makes it not easy to bend or be broken down.
  • No Hammering Necessary: The towel ring adopts a self-adhesive design, so you do not need to punch any holes on the wall to preserve your bathroom beauty.



Modern-style & Shiny Towel Ring: A Must-have in a Beautiful Small Bathroom, Say Goodbye to Messy Hand Towel.



Material: Premium-grade 304 stainless steel

Color: Polished Steel

Installation method: Self-adhesive tape on the back

The diameter of the round towel hanger: 7 inches.


Shiny & Sleek & Stylish Looking

Light up your space with this towel ring! With rust-proof, stain-proof, and spot-proof, it can be a perfect glossy accessory to your bathroom. The simple and classy modern look can complement your decor styles and give an attractive effect.

The classic shiny polished steel appearance never goes out of style. With a very nice mirror finish, it can match any decor style of your bathroom, bedroom, toilet, RVs, and kitchens, etc.

It features clean, contemporary styling. The smooth and clean lines of a circular towel ring can reach a minimalist style in the bathroom.

Stylish rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant polished finish can stay clean and charming all the time. The ring shape offers a stylish & clean & neat solution to towel holding.


yigii adhesive towel ring
YIGII Adhesive Towel Ring


Create a Minimalist-look Towel-Holding Spot

Everyone will love the simple and smooth structure of it and be surprised at the fact that how minimalistic looking it is when they put it up in their bathroom.

Its simple but gorgeous circular style makes it the ultimate towel holder that can add beauty to your bathroom wall décor. Its textured surface and gloss can create a tasteful shower environment for you. while coordinating well with any bathroom décor.

It can be your fancy towel ring that serves a decorative and functional purpose at the same time. Add fashion addition to the bathroom while providing a place for effective and gorgeous towel hanging.


self adhesive towel ring


Perfect for Bathroom Towel Holding

The circular shape design can leave more space than normal short bar-shaped towel holders for damp towel drying, so the damp towel can be spread out on a large holding space and dried quickly without the holder designed to be very bulky and long.

The super-strong 304 metal construction offers reliability and durability during everyday use. Also, the mirror-like chrome finish can brighten up your bathroom space and will fit most bathroom decor.

The towel ring has an ideal compact size that does not take up space and can be mounted suitably in a small area such as next to the bathroom or kitchen sinks, for holding hand towels.


adhesive hand towel holder


How to install a towel ring

First step: Ensure that the surface is even, clean, dry, smooth and free of any powder, dust, water and oil.

Second step: Choose a suitable location carefully before sticking it.

Third step: Then peel off the adhesive on the back and hold and press it for about 10 to 30 seconds.


How to Remove

You can use a hairdryer to remove it: heat it for 1-2 minutes then it will easily come off without damaging the walls or leaving any adhesive remains on the wall.


More details about the towel ring are shown in the video below:



FAQ of Adhesive Towel Ring


How do you hang a bathroom towel without drilling?

If you don’t want to drill a hole to your wall for installing the towel ring. You can choose the self adhesive one. It is very easy to have them installed on to the wall without any drilling. Above video has shown the installation method of it.


How high should you hang a towel ring?

Before hanging a towel ring, we need to decide the height of the installation place. Actually, it is the same height for hanging towel bar. In this post, you will know the details of it.

How High Should A Towel Bar Be

20 reviews for YIGII Towel Ring Self Adhesive KS001

  1. Diane Lewis

    To be honest I didn’t have high expectations for this towel ring, but after using it for a couple months, I find I’m wrong.
    The adhesion is far stronger than I think. The towel ring can hold a large towel very well! Highly recommend!

  2. Katherine Lee

    I really like its sleek look and the simple installation! All you have to do is literally stick it on the wall and you can have a perfect towel holder.
    Install this towel ring in the bathroom and it helps organize my hand towel very well. I would be comfortable sending this to anyone!

  3. Carol Smith

    I love this! Attached it to the wall and have been using for months. There was no sign that it was about to get loose or fall off.
    I appreciate that it’s very flexible as far as being placed wherever one needs a towel holder.

  4. Jane Smith

    What is there not to like about this? It looks quite modern and sleek. Installation was very simple compared to the ones you have to drill.
    And just as advertise says, it adheres perfectly to ceramic tiles. After 4 months use, no sign shows that it gets loose. A Great Adhesive Product!

  5. Brian Evans

    I am renting so we can not drill holes, especially in tile!!! So I choose this adhesive product. I want it to withstand for a long time, and it did. Now I’ve had it installed for about 9 months and it is still holding up great.

    Also, it has a chic look to match my bathroom. Very convenient to hang my towel. Highly recommend!

  6. Eric Holmes

    Happy with my purchase! I bought two and both turned out to be pretty good. We install one in the master bathroom and another in the guest .

    They look expensive and quite nice! And 6 months in, they are still standing strong. Can’t ask more!

  7. Great purchase

    It was easy to install, great price, and it looks great in my bathroom.

  8. Keith Walker

    This was just what I was looking for. Assembly was a breeze since it required no screws or nails. I install it in my bathroom within 1 minute.
    The simple design matches my bathroom perfectly! I have my hand towel on it and even hang a bath towel on it. It holds sturdily.

  9. zoritoler imol

    Appreciate it for all your efforts that you have put in this. very interesting information.

  10. Jennifer

    Cheap, easy to install, functional. I didn’t need (or want) anything fancy, and these do the trick nicely. We’re using them to hang everything from hand towels to bath towels.

  11. Gregg

    We added this to our kitchen island! Our kitchen had no location for a hand towel, and we didn’t want to put holes in the wooden cabinets. This works perfectly!

  12. May

    They’re great for a hand or medium sized towel, or heavier. The metal is not at all cheap, and doesn’t have that powdery look some towel bars have. Overall, it was perfect for our needs & style.

  13. Alan

    We bought three of these for hanging wash cloths in our new shower. They are perfect for the job. They were easy to install, and the adhesive seems to be very strong.

  14. yanilda

    We bought three of these for hanging wash cloths in our new shower. They are perfect for the job. They were easy to install, and the adhesive seems to be very strong.

  15. Barbara A.

    Once it’s on, it’s ON. I have it on a cabinet in my bathroom and it gets steamy in there. It’s held strong for a few weeks despite all of the steam and humidity of a Florida bathroom, so I’d say it’ll do fine just about anywhere.

  16. Cindi Rarick

    It hangs perfectly on my bathroom mirror to hold a towel. This was great. Nice sleek look.

  17. Emma Rogers

    Says on package it’s not for certain types of walls, but I used it on my painted walls because I wanted to and don’t plan on removing it anytime in the near future. This was a budget remodeling of out bathroom. It looks really nice, sticky back has staying power. Sturdy enough for a hand towel.

  18. Elisabeth Dhaese

    No drilling or screwing holes into the wall! Works and looks great! But make sure you know where you want it and level it before attaching because it will not budge. I am very happy with my purchase!

  19. Natalie

    It’s very handy to have something stick on the wall and not drill. I live in an apartment and it’s great for cute accents. Got the matching toilet paper holder as well. Easy all around.

  20. Smith

    Very simple to hang and great staying power.We’re making this thing work since we’re in a rental and do not want to put more holes in the wall than is necessary. It does hold!

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