YIGII Self-Adhesive Toothbrush Holder KH012-3


Material,SUS-304 stainless steel, is waterproof, and rustproof, totally hygienic, and simple to clean.

Very stylish: Stainless steel durability allows for different forms of storage. This is a quality product, well thought out with an eye for detail.

Apply to a smooth surface: bathroom or kitchen.

Size:33.5 x 7.5 x 5cm.

To Install: Peel back the protective layer and attach the holder to the smooth surface of the tiles. Allow 24 hours before using to make sure that the holder is firmly attached.


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Brand: YIGII

Brushed stainless steel SUS 304.

Apply to a smooth surface: bathroom or kitchen.

Package List: Toothbrush holder x 1.

If you have a small bathroom, this is a space-saving product for you. Your toothbrush will be out of the way and dry in your YIGII holder.

By mounting on the wall it can hold three toothbrushes and toothbrush cups at the same time.

You can also put toothpaste, facial cleanser, cotton wool balls, and razor in the storage slot to keep the bathroom clean and neat, and hygienic.

Finish cleaning your teeth: Then hang your toothbrush back on the toothbrush holder, the water on the brush will air dry, minimizing the risk of bacteria from growing on your toothbrush.



1.Dry the surface to be adhered to.

2.Tear off the adhesive tape on the back of the product, stick the toothbrush holder firmly to a clean wall and hold. Press it for 15 seconds

3.To ensure that the product is firmly connected, leave it for 24 hours.



This product is only suitable for smooth surfaces such as smooth marble, smooth metal, glass, ceramic, tile, etc.

( Not suitable for uneven surfaces, plaster walls. etc.).


Uninstall Method:

Use a hairdryer to heat the rubber pad, and then gradually scratch it off with a kitchen knife.


Advantages of this Product

  • Strong Adhesion: Sticky backing with a strong gluing effect promises no falling off.
  • Hard Material: Made of waterproof stainless steel, ensuring quality and longevity.
  • Shiny Finish: Brushed nickel surface for water resistance, rust resistance, scratch resistance, dirt resistance
  • Modern Look: Glossy look presents an aesthetic appeal. Boost your house decor with its shiny classic all-match look!
  • Easy Installation: No need to drill any hole on the wall! Just remove the protective layer on the back. Then, stick it to the desired area.
  • Note: 1. Smooth surfaces recommended, such as ceramic tiles, metal surfaces, glass, etc.
  • CONSTRUCTION – 4 slots for toothbrushes. Enough room for the family, lovely strong unit, looks attractive.
  • Multifunctional as it stores so much if you live alone put makeup, cleanser and toner, nail kit, all in there, solves numerous storage problems at once.
  • STURDY and STRONG, it will last for years.
  • NON-SLIP RUBBER FEET to stick to the wall. in the family bathroom, your Toothbrushes, and Toothpaste will not fall out.
  • Everything you put in it stays clean and hygienic, out of the way of the vanity basin and little fingers.
  • When you move house you can uninstall ( using the hairdryer instructions and take it to your new home).
  • A one-year warranty is offered, if you are not fully satisfied, money back.

This amazing toothbrush holder in stainless steel will be a stylish addition to your bathroom. Bathrooms are now quite small so it is important to save space and this is where the toothbrush holder is very effective. When the children have cleaned their teeth, you can put the different colored brushes back into the holder, and because it holds three cups and toothbrushes at the same time, everyone will know which is their color, and there will be no arguments.

The installation is simple, no tradesman needed, just peel of the backing and fix it to the smooth surface. Don’t forget to wait 24 hours before you put any pressure on the fixture. Stainless steel is ageless, and even more important totally hygienic, hospital quality, really essential when we are all so concerned about keeping everything clean and free from viruses.


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