YIGII Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder KH018Y

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  • Furniture Surface Friendly: The under cabinet paper towel holder comes with a highly sticky but friendly-for-wall-surface adhesive tape. The adhesive will not hurt the wall surface and can be removed easily. There will be no sticky residue left on the wall.
  • Handy to Use: It can fit very well behind, next to, or under a cabinet in the kitchen and is very handy and clean to use and saves more space compared to those counter-top ones that take up much-needed area.
  • Various Mounting Options: The paper holder can be used in any room in the house where you need to keep paper towels within reach. A space-saver design like this can be easily mounted to many places such as on the wall or under, in, or on the side of the cabinets.
  • Strong & No-bent Construction: The towel holder is made of highly sturdy SUS 304 stainless steel. It is super hard and not easily deformed. Also, it is highly waterproof and rustproof. It has a good load-bearing capacity and great stickiness.
  • Modern & Glossy Surface: The paper towel holder is made of premium SUS 304 stainless steel and presents a super gloss. Also, the surface is brushed and is highly resistant to scratches and easy to clean.
  • Flexible to Use: The kitchen paper towel can be installed horizontally or vertically. You can also mount it inside the cabinet. Free up your counter space. Perfectly keep your kitchen simple looking and tidy.
  • Tips: Adhesive paper towel holder is suitable for smooth and dry surfaces, not suitable for uneven and untrustworthy wallpaper or painted walls. Please wait for a period of time before hanging anything to ensure better adhesion.



Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder: A Handy & Unique No-bar Design Holder For Saving Space & Clearing Up Counter Space



Length of paper towel rack: 11 1/4 inches

Adhesive pad size: 11 1/4 × 1 3/4 inches

Material: waterproof and rustproof SUS 304 stainless steel

Back: Powerful self-adhesive tape

Package Includes: Paper towel holder x 1



No Bar Design – Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

The under cabinet paper towel holder is simple designed but functional. No bar design in the middle makes it super easy to put and replace paper towels.

It is no-bar design and has enough space between the two inside bumps. Thus it fits both standard and jumbo-sized paper towel rolls.

Also, more flexible to use.  It can be installed in a vertical or horizontal direction, perfect holder for kitchen.

You just need one hand for tearing off paper towels. Two inside holder round arms on both ends provide great friction to help keep the roll in place when you tear.




Never Breaking Down

– Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

Made of premium SUS304 stainless steel, it promises never breaking down or bending.

The robust metal material makes the towel bar not easy to bend or have dents.

Also, it performs quite amazing in anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-tarnish. It is polished nicely to resist any scratches or pressure.

In all, a high-quality structure with a brushed surface makes it a perfect paper towel bar for any kind of bathroom style.



Strong Adhesion

The toilet roll holder is fully covered with adhesive, not just several pressure points.

So it has a larger area of ​​force with the wall to ensure stability.

The toilet roll holder has advanced & powerful self-adhesive. It is sticky enough to support its own weight and a giant paper roll.


Flexible Vertical Fixing

Vertical Installed DIY Paper Towel Holder: No Wobbling or Falling off, Secure Your Paper Stably

You can even mount it vertically if you like. And both vertical and horizontal fixing are gorgeous-looking.



Installation Tip

Follow the installation instructions of cleaning and drying the surface. It works very well on all smooth and flat surface that has no powder, water, dust and oil, Perfect for wood, ceramic tile, glasses, marble, wallpaper, metal surface.


Removal Tip

You can easily remove it with a hairdryer. Make the stuck area warm for 1-2 minutes, then the holder will easily come off. It will not hurt your wall and leave any adhesive residue.


5 reviews for YIGII Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder KH018Y

  1. Richeanne

    The holder was easy to install, I didn’t add a roll until the holder had been installed for 8 hours just to be sure. And now it’s been uses for over a week and no problems. I have thick rolls and they fit fine on the holder.
    I want to admit that I wrote this review because I got a very polite e-mail asking me to. I was not offered anything in return for my review. I wanted to leave some words concerning this product because it really was an excellent purchase that I realized was so mundane (who give a second thought to the paper towel holder in the kitchen unless you’re actively using it?) I didn’t realize how pleased I was with it. So, buy with confidence, this isn’t a cheap piece of junk.

  2. Aryeh Kaufman

    We’ve had this for over a month now and the adhesive is very strong. This holds the paper towel very nicely and not too tight. Pulling of paper towel is easy and we’ve never had a problem with pulling more than what we wanted. I would definitely recommend this product and we just ordered another one. We find this much easier then the stand on counter type.

  3. John

    Strong and adhered for life!!!

  4. feebee’s mom

    This paper towel holder works great for me in my kitchen and I like that it was just sticky tape so no drilling holes! Just need a flat surface for the tape! So easy to set up just stick and done! I even tried a super big paper towel roll I had and it also fit so works really great doesn’t fall down when pull at it very happy with purchase! And a great deal!

  5. Sweet deals

    I hung this paper towel holder above the bar sink in my butler’s pantry where I didn’t want anything on the counter. The unit itself is strong! No way it is going to bend out of shape. As for the people who complained about it not staying mounted: you must not have read the online instructions. They clearly state to clean the surface the holder will be mounted on and thoroughly dry it with a hair dryer. Next, heat the adhesive tape with the hair dryer before pulling off the paper backing. Then press it on the surface where you want it mounted. Leave it for 24 hours. I realized about an hour after installation that I had placed mine an inch too far to the left under the counter and tried to remove it. There is no way it is coming off. Despite all the tugging and prying, the paper towel holder did not bend or budge. I’m so impressed that I’ve ordered a second one for my laundry room.

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