YIGII Paper Towel Holder Black KH018YH

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About this item

  • Humanized No-bar Design: The paper towel holder is of a simple no-bar design in the middle, which makes it easy to put and replace paper. A new large roll of paper towel roll can easily fit in.
  • Fricative Round End Cap: It has a round end cap design to secure the paper tightly and avoid the paper towel slipping off the holder. Make one-hand tear possible with the end caps securing the roll stably in place.
  • Perfect Coating Detail: Every curved line or corner is carefully polished to be burr-free. Paper will never get torn apart. The exquisite & textured detail of the Matt black surface coating is the best proof ode its mature craftsmanship and premium quality.
  • Flexible Installation Ways: The paper holder can be fixed on the wall, door, or inside & outside of the cabinet or under the cabinet. Keep your paper towel roll easily accessible. Also, it can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • Fit Jumbo-size Roll: The distance between the place for roll placement and wall surface is very wide so you can fit easily both standard and jumbo-sized paper towel roll in it. Suitable for almost any size and brand of paper towels or plastic wraps.
  • Reliable & Sturdy Material: The paper towel holder is made of premium-grade stainless steel that is easy to clean. Stainless steel design makes it solid and durable. Not a chance that it will break down. Its sturdiness is highly trustworthy.


YIGII Black Paper Towel Holder

A Perfect Paper Towel Holder: Keep Your Countertop Clean and Clutter-Free


Material: SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Size: 11.22 × 4.92 × 1.77 (inch)

Back: Powerful self-adhesive tape

Package Includes: Paper towel holder x 1


Enjoy The Ease of One Hand Tear!

The strong friction and reasonable round design of the two inside end caps can help keep the roll in place when you tear.

You can just use one hand to tear off the paper towels and do not need to use your wet dirty hand to grasp the whole roll and then make the whole paper roll filthy.

You can easily rip off a perfect amount of paper towels that you want with just one hand. No more need to put your dirty wet hand on the paper roll!

The two inside welded bumps create friction that holds the roll tightly, guaranteeing that you do not unravel the whole paper roll when you pull the roll.


Enjoy The Ease of Replacement!

The specially designed no-bar holder shape allows you to easily change out the remaining paper tube and replace it with a whole new roll.

It makes the paper replacement process very easy and convenient. Simply remove the empty roll and pop in a new one. Work is done.


black paper towel holder


Free Up Countertop & Cabinet Space!

It is the best paper towel holder you can find to help you save more valuable counter and cabinet space and help with the clutter.

The under-cabinet paper towel holder is the perfect choice for people that have limited counter or cabinet space.

With this, you no longer have to stock your paper roll in your small kitchen cabinet, thus taking up your limited space.

Better than those bulky standing paper towel racks that steal your counter space and often stand in your way when you need to clear up space for other cooking utensils.

You can fix it onto the wall, under the cabinet, inside or outside your cabinet, or onto the door to save your kitchen counter or cabinet space.

It is a convenient space-saving solution to store your paper rolls in the kitchen without sacrificing precious cabinet or drawer space.

A genius under cabinet paper towel holder is a great helper for freeing up space in kitchen cabinets, countertops, pantry shelves.



Offer Flexible & Stable Fixing

The paper towel holder can be installed sturdily under the kitchen cabinet. Or be stuck tightly on the wall with premium-grade adhesive.

The 3M adhesive on the back is of strong stickiness and is extremely easy to install. If you do not wish to poke any holes in the furniture or the wall, this is your perfect choice.

You could choose to mount it horizontally or vertically on your cabinet or on your wall. Both ways are nice-looking and can secure the roll tightly.



How to Install a Paper Towel Holder


1) Suitable for all smooth and flat surfaces, such as wood, marble, metal, ceramic tiles,  metal, glass, etc.

2) Do not fix it on any rough, uneven, powdery and dusty surfaces. For example. some concrete walls, wallpaper, plaster walls, etc.


First step: Ensure that the surface is even, clean, dry, smooth and free of any powder, dust, water and oil.

Second step: Choose a suitable location carefully before sticking it.

Third step: Then peel off the adhesive on the back and hold. And press it for about 10 to 30 seconds.

Black Paper Towel Holder

How to Remove

You can use a hairdryer to remove it: heat it for 1-2 minutes. Then it will easily come off without damaging the walls or leaving any adhesive remains on the wall.



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12 reviews for YIGII Paper Towel Holder Black KH018YH

  1. MommaT

    Sleek and sturdy

  2. Toester

    This is a great towel holder. A well made product that has opened up space on my counter.

  3. Edwards

    Great for guests, especially during COVID times!

  4. feebee’s mom

    Strong and adhered for life!!!

  5. Rebecca L

    Sticks real well. Had little space Fit the area and hasn’t fallen off.

  6. Christine

    Needed a paper towel holder in my guest bathroom. This holder was described accurately on all the reviews. Purchased it and am very happy with it.

  7. Sonia Z.

    Stylish and strong

  8. Grace A.

    I wasnt sure this would be sturdy. I put it on the side of a cabinet and it not only fits perfectly but the adhesive is really strong and sturdy. I would totally recommend this if you are wanting to save counter space.

  9. Debs

    It is a sturdy piece and it does exactly what I need it to. I bought to make more space on my counter

  10. Kitty

    I used this to replace a folding plastic paper towel holder which I installed ion a camping trailer and which broke after a few uses. This one works great.

  11. James C

    Great, east to install, works as it should.

  12. Alex.B.

    Wide adhesive backing and quality of adhesive allows the thing to stick and stay on the wall. We made sure to clean the wall before installing the holder, just in case. Been in the RV for at least a month… hasn’t fallen off, nor does it feel loose. Paper towel roll stays in place. Isn’t so tight that its hard to unroll the paper towels either. Great product!

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