YIGII Over The Door Shower Caddy KS025H



  • Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Color: Black
  • Item weight: 1.03 kg
  • Surface treatment: Matt black coating
  • Shower shelf: 23 × 10 × 6.5 cm
  • Hook width: 3.5 cm
  • Distance between two hanging rod: 8 cm



Over The Door Shower Caddy: Make Your Shower Clean and Organized!

Great eye-catcher and cleverly thought-out design!


  • Compact Size Shower Caddy: It takes up very little space but offers enough space for all your shower essentials with the deep basket Design. Due to its not too large dimensions, it does not interfere with your way of showering. Even though they hold a lot of stuff, they are not in the way while you shower. The best way to keep your shower organized without being a bulky shower caddy.


  • Never-rust Black Coating: It is absolutely rustproof! The layer of coating is very thick, which double ensures the caddy’s rust resistance. No matter how you splash water on it, the rust will not form. It is also corrosion-resistant although it is constantly exposed to shampoo and shower gel.


over the door shower caddy


Over The Door Shower Caddy: A great concept–handy in the shower and no holes to drill.


  • No-drill Hanging Design: The design is so smart. The hanging part at the top is wide enough so that it fits over the top of our shower wall. The construction is very well made. Great fit for your shower wall and doesn’t require making holes in the tiles to screw in but was still strong enough to hold all the products.


  • Large Space for Storage: The shower door caddy has plenty of space to store the shower-related products like your tall heavy shower gel, hair care gel, shampoo, and many other care products that need to be skilfully & cleanly stowed away.


black shower door caddy


  • Protective Sleeve-shape Rubber Cover: As the shower door caddy hangs over the glass door panel directly, so we fully cover the hanging part with some soft sleeves to prevent it from scratching your glass and making any screaming noise. Though it holds a lot of your stuff, the rubberized hanging part ensures it does not move at all.


  • Protective Back Bumps: The rubber cover at the back is for it to stop damaging your wall. The rubber cover on some points ensures that nothing scratches the surface. And it can stop making any banging noise when you move it. A very nice touch in design.


shower door caddy



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