YIGII Over Door Coat Rack KH021C-139-4


Cool Gray Metallic Look, And Excellent Quality

Brand: YIGII

Color: Silver

Finish: Brushed Finish

Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions:80 x 25 x 20 mm

Door Rebate Width: 20 mm

Weight: 300 g

Package included: over door coat rack*4

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Over Door Coat Rack


Perfect Hanger That Helps You Neaten Your Rooms To Make A Happy Mood!

If you are looking for a good organizer to sort your clothes out but having no idea of what would help, the over door coat rack must be the perfect solution to your problem.


coat hooks


Over Door Coat Rack: Assemble Without Drilling Holes And Can Reverse


Place the hooks over the door and press them to make them settled. Then, adjust the distance between each of them. After doing these, you can own a over door coat rack. You can complete the installation without much effort.


Also, they are reversible. If you want to assemble them somewhere else, feel free to take them off and fasten them wherever you want.


Suitable Size: Not Bulky, Good Size For Hanging Safely


The over door coat rack is thin enough to fit over the door and causes no difficulty shutting the door. Besides, the solid handle ending with a suitable bending is perfect to securely hold your jackets, pants, hats, belts, etc. It is also a good idea to install one hook over the entrance door to hang a wreath for decoration.


over the door coat rack for thick doors


Discreet Design: A Sponge Pad On The Back To Protect Doors


It has a soft foam pad under the bracket that helps prevent the unit from sliding across the door when you pull a towel off. Also, the hardware makes very little sound with the sponge pad when you open and close the door.


Moreover, the sponge pad can prevent the hook from marking or marring the finishes and surfaces of whatever door.


Flexible Appliance: Fit On Doors To Tidy Up Rooms


The over door coat rack doesn’t take up a lot of space. Instead, it makes space for you. In the meanwhile, it can be a great helper in organizing your room. You can hang your coats on the rack so them doesn’t pile up on your couch. Additionally, You can hang your clothes on the coat rack ahead of time. So you don’t have to rush to find something to wear the next day.


over the door holder


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