YIGII Toilet Paper Holder For Wall KS006



  • Brushed Finish: The hook rack is thoroughly deburred with a burnisher burring machine so as to ensure no burrs or glitches. With smooth curved lines and rounded edges, it promises fabrics or other hangings will not get caught.
  • No Damage to Walls: No need to drill or nail, The installing of this adhesive holder will not damage the wall, so it is very convenient for people that rent an apartment.
  • High-quality Materials: The toilet paper holder is made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure long service life.
  • Modern & Simple design: The toilet roll holder looks simple and elegant, and the open design in European style makes it easier for people to replace the paper roll.
  • Self-adhesive & No-trace Installation: Simply peel off the adhesive tape and stick the toilet paper holder in the right place. And it will never come off and leave no trace at all on the wall. The self-adhesive toilet paper holder sticks well on your wall or furniture surface stably.



YIGII Toilet Paper Holder For Wall: Self-Adhesive No Drilling Assembly! Best Stainless Steel Material! Perfect for Humid Bathroom!


What You Should Know about YIGII Brand

Quality is our top priority!

A high emphasis on high-quality stainless steel bathroom & kitchen product innovation.

All developed products are registered in appearance patent & patent for invention.

An interior design team with a creative mind to generate more inventive & functional products to help you get organized!

Greatly uphold the idea of minimalist life by creating more and more simple-look products.

Offer stylish & smart solutions to help you live simply and beautifully.

Make Your Space & Your Life Simplified



Color: Metal gloss

Material: SUS304 stainless steel

Roll length of toilet paper holder: 11 cm;

Distance from wall: 5.5 cm


Toilet Paper Holder with a Humanized L-shape Design

The toilet paper holder adopts a creative L-shape design that can secure the paper roll stably.

The side hook on the tail is carefully sanded and has no burrs, which allows the toilet paper roll to rotate more smoothly.

Also, in this way, the smooth-edge toilet paper holder ensures toilet paper not be torn apart by the edges during use.



Highly Strong Adhesion

The adhesive spans the entire backplate instead of just several pressure points, so it can stay very sturdy on the wall.

Just be careful to line it up and know exactly where you want to place it cause once you stick it on, it’s not going to move or come off easily with its super strong adhesion.

But you also shouldn’t worry about it. The no-spot removal methods reveals below.



Installation Tips:

  • Thoroughly clean the surface of the wall and wipe it dry.
  • Then pull off the back cover of the pad.
  • Attach the hook to the smooth wall surface and press it for about 5-8 seconds.
  • Wait for 24 hours before hanging anything on it to make sure the hook is fixed tightly on the surface.


1) Make sure the wall surface is clean and dry before installing the hook.

2) It must be a smooth surface such as tiles, metal surfaces, glass, etc., not rough surfaces, painted walls or walls with wallpaper.


Removal Tips:

To remove an adhesive towel hook, you just simply use a hairdryer to heat the sticky area.

Then step by step scrape the adhesive off with a blade to remove the hook successfully.



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