YIGII Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Holder KH001A

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  • Fit Jumbo-size Roll: The large-space storage design can accommodate toilet tissue rolls of all sizes. Whether you buy standard-size or jumbo toilet paper rolls, they can fit stably in the spacious tissue reserve. Also, the towel bar below the reserve part is very lengthy and is designed with enough space left between the wall to fit a large paper roll.
  • Stylish Bathroom Accessory: With a minimalist geometric design and contemporary glossy finish, this brushed nickel toilet paper holder will be a gorgeous complement to any bathroom decor. Its modern design and outstanding silver color make it a great highlight of your bathroom space.
  • Humanized Design: The modern brushed nickel toilet paper holder has a bottom bar for holding paper in use. The end of the bar has a little upward curve at the end to keep the roll from sliding off when you pull off the toilet paper.
  • Unique Rectangular Appearance: The toilet paper dispenser has a unique designed rectangular space for extra paper roll storage. The unique toilet paper storage space design adds a contemporary style to your house. And it is handy to use the spare one when you run out of paper roll.
  • Easy & Space-saving Installation: The back of the holder is covered with a super-strong adhesive pad so that the toilet roll holder can be installed stably on a smooth wall. Save space by mounting it on the wall, making bathrooms and toilets more spacious. No troublesome drilling required.
  • Solid Rust-proof Construction: With a top-quality SUS304 hardened stainless steel construction and brushed nickel finish, it is the ultimate paper roll dispenser that will last for many years to come. Feature high-quality metalwork for durability, dependability with great resistance to rust, corrosion, and scratches.


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Keep Your Extra Toilet Paper Roll with Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Storage For Saving embarrassment: Never run out of toilet tissue again!



Material: SUS 304 stainless steel

Roll length: 12 cm.

Plate: 12 x 23 cm.

Replacement roll holder: 12.2 x 11.5 cm.

Distance from wall: 6.5 cm.

Tailhook length: 2.8 cm


Do you remember the moment you ran out of toilet paper, but it was too late to replace a new one with your bottom flashing so you were stuck on the flush toilet.

Then you have to scream for help from your brother or sister to get a new roll of toilet paper for you?

Want to put an end to those embarrassing moments?

Do you own a small bathroom that has not enough space or an appropriate storage place for storing your extra toilet paper roll?


Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf For Double Rolls Holding Solves All Your Problems: No more embarrassment with an extra roll paper available within reach.



Store Extra Roll, Save Your Panic


Save you from the panic you feel when you run out of the last square of the paper roll in current use!

Always keep an extra toilet paper roll nearby that you can use to change out the currently used ones.

The toilet tissue reserve keeps spare rolls stored in the bathroom without taking up your extra cabinet or drawer space.

The convenient open-sided bar design also makes it easy to change out the used paper roll.

It is a great multifunctional paper holder that can not only serve as a smooth-rolling paper dispenser but also can offer enough space to put a paper roll as a reserve.

The design makes it quite a practical helper in the bathroom, adding to the overall décor and functionality of the bathroom.

It is absolutely the best choice for bathroom toilet tissue dispensing!



Aesthetically Pleasing


A multi-functional bathroom paper holder like this can appeal greatly to your guests or people that happen to visit your bathroom.

The contemporary styling with geometric shapes adds a clean and minimalist appeal to your room and can integrate well with any modern decorating style.

Its unique glossy surface combined with a rectangular appearance and symmetrical frames shows a particularly tidy and modern taste.

It will add a touch of elegance and class to your home bathroom, cottage, or RV, etc. in its compact, sturdy and timeless design.



Installing Tips

Peel off the film on the back and stick it on an even wall surface or furniture.

Clean the surface properly and let it dry before you stick the paper holder on.

Leave it for 24 hours for the adhesive pad to cure and reach full adhesion strength.


Note: You should think very carefully beforehand where you want to place the holder and place it in the right place and the right angle in order to save the unneeded trouble of taking it off.



1 review for YIGII Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Holder KH001A

  1. Actually really nice.

    I actually like this a lot better then I thought I would!! It is extremely convenient, not as bulky as you would think, and very useful!

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