YIGII Magnetic Paper Towel Holder KH018CX

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  • Use in Any Place: Great for the shop, garage and even in the kitchen like on the fridge or side of the stove. Or you could use it in a laundry room and got it attached right to the side of the washing machine. Or use it as a rv paper towel holder!


  • Fridge-friendly: The towel rack easily applies to the refrigerator easily. You would gain some counter space back too which is an added bonus. The magnets are strong and it stays put.


  • Can be removed and stuck in any place: This magnetized version is perfect for any outdoor needs and you can take it with you when you leave. The magnet is strong to firmly hold the paper roll in place.


  • Strong Magnetism: This is a quality magnetic paper towel holder. The magnet is very strong and covers the entire base of the product, so it will not fall off when you rip a paper towel.


  • Unique Design: It’s pure genius. Changing rolls is simple and easy. So perfectly designed, clean and firm, Simple, elegant design, with very good build quality.


If you are in a rental and didn’t want the type you need to screw in or use adhesive, the paper towel holder magnetic would be perfect!

The magnet is super strong and does not slide around when you tear off a piece of paper towel!


Size: 111/5 x 14/5 x 41/3 inch

Diameter: 11/5 inch

Item Weight: 1.01 pounds


Magnetic Paper Towel Holder


You could install this magnetic paper towel holder on the side of your refrigerator if you don’t have enough space on our table/counters to put a vertical towel holder. The side of the refrigerator was the best alternative.


Magnetic Paper Towel Holder


The stainless steel paper towel holder looks very sleek in stainless steel. It holds the paper towel in place and it’s definitely more appealing than normal tabletop ones.

The paper towel holder is made of stainless steel with a large magnet attached to the back.

The design is flat and simple and matches any stainless steel appliances or other modern/ retro styles perfectly.

The magnet strip is very strong and the whole unit feels very durable.


Magnetic Paper Towel Holder


Few Comments:

“I used to just leave the paper towel roll at the bottom of the BBQ. Of course, when you need a clean towel, your hands are filthy. I always end up making the whole roll dirty or drag and unroll too many sheets.

This magnetic paper towel holder solves my problem. It snaps in place with a strong magnet to the inside of the door, easy to access. Not on the ground, tear off what I need and clean what needs cleaning.”



“I’ve had my paper towel holder sitting on my counter top for years and I’ve always hated how it looked. I’ve been huge into organizing and really trying to have a clean simple look in the kitchen. I finally had enough with seeing my hideous paper towel holder on the counter and wanted something that would hold under the cabinet. This product is perfect!!!”

“From the large, strong magnet that holds the holder and a large roll of paper towels in place, no sliding at all, to the stylish, stainless steel finish, this item is simple, sleek, practical and heavy duty all together. “


3 reviews for YIGII Magnetic Paper Towel Holder KH018CX

  1. Duke

    This is literally the best paper towel holder have gotten, have bought several over the years, I either end up buying a stronger double sided tape or use glue to hold it in place. But this one sticked on the first try and it’s been in place ever since(more than two weeks now), I feared the one in my kitchen would fall out but hey it hasn’t and it doesn’t look like it’s going to.

  2. Ola B

    Got this for our little cottage where I need all the counter space I can get. Our cabinets are vintage metal and this towel holder fit perfectly and stays in place with no issues. I can pull a paper towel off with one hand and it doesn’t move. Highly recommend

  3. heth

    Looks like what you see in the add, easy peel and stick, strong adhesive. I cleaned the area first, let it dry well before attaching. Done! Make sure you have a good idea where you are placing it, the adhesive is pretty strong once placed to the wall.

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