YIGII Long Towel Bar 103-40H



Durable & Sturdy Material: The material is premium-grade SUS304 stainless steel and is sturdy and heavy-duty. Strong metal, you don’t worry about it being deformed.


Rust-free Body: The long black towel bar is very suitable for humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens to hang hand towels, bath towels.


Closed-end Design: The two ends of the towel bar are closed design, ensuring that no towel will ever slip off the bar! The end posts are also quite sturdy for secure holding.


Expanded Base Plate: The two plates on both ends are very large and are covered with strong adhesive glue. So the towel rod can greatly adhere to the wall. Hold a heavy, thick, and oversized bath towel with ease!


High-end Matt Black Rod: Elegant and classy black finish can perfectly match your existing accessories and brings a more delicate style to your bathroom, kitchen, camper, etc.



Long Towel Bar Raised Far Away From Wall, Towels Stay Clean and Dry Far More Quickly!

Perfect For Putting It Up In Bathroom, Kitchen, Camper Or Hallway!



Length: 16 inches

Color: Matt black

Material: Stainless Steel

Installation type: Self-adhesive, No screws Type


black towel bar with a white towel


High-end Long Bath Towel Bar: Quickly Dry Out Your Towels

Matt black style brings a high-end classic style to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, RVs, etc.

The rod has a reasonable distance away from the wall so there is enough space between the wall and the hanging towels.

Allow air to circulate freely for drying out towels. Thus, without touching the wall, towels can stay dry and clean.

It provides a perfect solution for drying wet towels in the bathroom.


black towel rail with a red towel


Multifunctional Long Towel Rack Is Your Great House Assistant

The 16-inch long towel bar is very functional and can be used for a lot of other stuff due to its great length.

It can hang your stuff on the wall and be a great space saver. Make your home tidier and life more convenient.

You can easily hang your bathrobe, towel, kitchen utensils on the wall or back of the door of your bathroom or kitchen.

It can even double as a coat rack for your hallway. Not taking up much precious living space.


stainless steel black towel rail


Installation instructions:

1. Clean and dry the installation surface.
2. Place the towel rack where you want and mark its location.
3. Apply the entire adhesive back to the wall, avoiding any skin contact.
4. Press it firmly on the wall for one minute.
5. It is recommended to wait for 24 hours before using.




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