YIGII Kitchen Towel Rack KS011L



  • Body material: Stainless steel
  • Rod length: 39cm
  • Distance from the wall: 5.5cm
  • Surface: Glossy bright chrome plating


Modern-looking High-gloss Long Kitchen Towel Rack: Hold Two Towels With Ease

No Deforming! No Loosening! Super Sturdy Beautiful Towel Rack In Kitchen!


Large Base Plate: The kitchen towel bar’s base plate is very long for sticking very stably besides the washbasin, wooden cabinet, tiles, etc. smooth surface.


Strong 3M Adhesive: It sticks with a very strong 3M double-sided adhesive tape. No falling off is possible as long as you carefully prep the surface.


Glossy Smooth Finish: The finish is mirror polished and shows a highly bright style. The towel rail fits perfectly in any bathroom and has no burr at all.


Sturdy Metal Construction: The body is of strong premium-grade SUS304 stainless steel that can never break down and support a great weight.


Never Go-out-of-date Style: The elegant minimalist design and especially the mirror color is too classic to go out of date and is suitable for any decor style.


shiny towel rack


Gorgeous Next-to-sink Shiny Rack For The Kitchen

The sleek, elegant and simple square lines really add some taste to your kitchen. It can be a decorative kitchen towel rack with its beautiful shiny look.

This stainless steel mirror polished towel rack can be a great accessory to your space. It can fit both transitional and modern decor in a shiny chrome finish.

It usually makes your sink look more high-end and your towel look nicer.


towel rack


One Of The Best Kitchen Towel Bar Ideas: High-end Chrome Look & Heavy-duty Feel

Most towel racks are easily deformed for their cheap material. They might look okay but feels super cheap when you touch them. But this is not the case for our rack.

The rack is well made and looks very high-end. You can feel its superb quality from its hand-polished smooth surface and the heavy-duty strong body.

The chrome-plating stainless steel finish is perfect for withstanding daily scratches and tarnish.



See how to install this gorgeous towel rail below:




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