YIGII Kitchen Towel Hooks 139-5


Brand: YIGII

Color: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Surface: Brushed Finish

Product Size: 1.77×1.77x 1.18 inches

Distance From Hook To Wall: 1.38 inches.

Item Weight: 9.1 ounces

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 21 pounds

Package Included: Kitchen Towel Hooks*5

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Kitchen Towel Hooks


Very Useful To Make Things In Order To Give Your Home A New Shine!

Do you ever feel like your house is full of stuff and when you need something, you have to struggle to find it? Have you thought about how to solve such a problem? Here, a helpful little accessory can help you!


cute kitchen towel hooks


Kitchen Towel Hooks: Self-adhesive And Perfect for saving space


  • The kitchen towel hooks are easy to apply because of the 3M PE foam adhesive technology. The 3M sticker is also characterized by waterproofness, moisture, and high-temperature resistance. So the hooks equipped with 3M stickers will adhere very well.


  • Please note that these hooks are not suitable for uneven surfaces, such as a concrete wall, painted wall, and wallpaper. If you install the hooks on one of these walls, their viscosity will not be guaranteed.


High Flexibility For Use: Match With The Place You Fix It


  • Fastening the hooks in the kitchen, you can hang things like towels, utensils, bottle openers, loofah, brushes, etc. Besides, you can secure the hooks on your bathroom wall to hang robes, towels, shower caps, and so on. The hooks have a quite wide range of uses. You can install it individually or use it in combination.


kitchen hooks


Super Load-bearing Capacity: Solid Handle And Perfect Welding


  • The kitchen towel hook is designed to have a large base and a solid handle with a suitable bend. The solid handle allows the hook to hold heavy items. And because the handle is well welded to the base, it will never break.


Thoughtful Design: Make The Hooks Hold More Kinds Of Things


  • The handle of the kitchen towel hook is thin and long enough for various items to hang on. So even some very small objects can hang on the hooks without any problems. This will make it more convenient to organize your rooms.


decorative kitchen towel hooks


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