YIGII Hooks For Doors KH021C-136-4


Unique Design, Easy Installation, And Excellent Durability

Brand: YIGII

Color: Silver

Finish: Polished Finish

Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Door Rebate Width: 20 mm

Product Dimensions:80 x 25 x 20 mm

Weight: 300 g

Package included: hooks for doors*4

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Hooks For Doors


Very Handy And Hold Steadily, Help You Organize Your Rooms!

When you are looking for hooks for doors, you may find that there are a variety of conventional hooks but they could not fit for rebated doors. Here, the hooks are specially designed for rebated doors.


coat hanger


Hooks For Doors: Easy To Install Over Rebated Doors


You will have no trouble with the installation of the hooks because it is very easy. Open your door and place the hooks over the door and you are done. Then you can start hanging things on the hooks without any problems.


The only thing you should note is whether the hooks would fit your doors. To avoid futility, please measure the door that you want to fix the hooks before purchase.


Scratch Prevention: Come With A Foam Pad To Protect Doors


There is a high-density foam pad on the back so the hooks never rattle when opening and closing the door. Besides, the foam pad can also protect your doors from scratch and therefore avoid damaging your doors.


wreath door hooks


Wide Range Of Use: Hang Coats, Towels, Hats, Etc. On The Hooks


The hooks will work great in place and help you organize your rooms.


If you fix the hooks on your bathroom doors, you can hang bath towels, hairdryer, and robes on them. Attached to the entrance door, the hooks would hold jackets, coats and hats for you. Also, it is a good option to install a single hook on the door to hang a wreath for decoration.


Unique Design: Silver Color, And Chic Handle


The appearance of these hooks is quite distinct. The handle of the hook is shaped like a small hammer and polished so smooth that you don’t have to worry about snagging anything hanging on it.


The color of this hook is silver, which will fit most modern home decors without being out of place. It can even become a small decoration in your home.


back of door hooks


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