YIGII Holder For Sodastream Glass Bottles KH028H


Space-saving & Stylish & Hold Steadily

Brand: YIGII

Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Color: Black

Finish: Matte Finish

Product Size: 30 x 9.5 x 10.5 cm

Bottle Mouth Diameter: 7 cm

Weight: 1.1kg

Package Included: Holder For Sodastream Glass Bottles*1 & Drip Tray*1


Holder For Sodastream Glass Bottles


Great For Drying And Airing Out Sodastream Glass Bottles!

If you are finding something practical in your kitchen for holding your sodastream glass bottles, here, the bottle holder with a drip tray must meet your need. It will hold and dry bottles for you perfectly.


Drying rack for sodastream glass bottles


Holder For Sodastream Glass Bottles: Dry Bottles Effectively


  • Match Your Kitchen Nicely: The shape of the bottle holder is rectangular and its surface is matte black. These make the holder looks modern and sleek and can fit your kitchen decor pretty well. Also, taking stainless steel as material, the holder does not look cheap like the plastic one.


  • No Water Stain Deposit: Just as you know, there will be a thick layer of water stains under the bottle if it is not well dried for a long time. So you can know the importance of airing the bottle. The drying rack holds the sodastream glass bottles upside down on it so that the water can drain completely. Besides, there are stands for hanging lids to dry, too.


  • Compatible Of Different Bottles: The bottle holder comes with 3 positions to hold bottles with 7cm mouth diameter. Different types of sodastream glass bottles whose mouth diameter is not over 7cm can be accommodated.


Drainer stand for sodastream glass bottles


  • Never Rust & Break: The stainless steel construction and the black frosted surface can effectively protect the holder from rust. The drip tray on the bottom is also of the same construction to prevent water erosion. The drying rack will hold your bottles stably so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bottles.


  • How to use: Attach the drip tray to the bottom of the drying rack and you are done. You can place the bottle holder by the side of your sink so that it is convenient to dry the bottles that you just washed. Wait until there is no excess water in the bottle, you can take out the drip tray and pour out the water inside.


Drainer stand for sodastream glass bottles


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