YIGII Hanging Shower Caddy KS025

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  • Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Surface treatment: brushed
  • Color: Silver
  • Installation way: Hang on the shower door
  • Shower basket size: 23 × 10 × 6.5 cm
  • Item weight: 1.03 kg
  • Hook width: 3.5 cm
  • Distance between two vertical columns: 8 cm



Top-quality Hanging Shower Caddy! Very roomy! Very Shiny!


Perfect for people who have lots of items for shower on their bathroom counter and want to keep them organized!


Excellent no rusting hardware! Never have to deal with rust!



  • Rubberized Contact Points: All contact points are rubberized so that the hanging shower caddy dorm can be used on a glass wall. No more worry that it might scratch your glass wall.


  • Solid & Strong: Premium-grade SUS304 stainless steel material is the most suitable material for a shower caddy that is constantly exposed to water, shampoo and shower gel. It can perfectly withstand corrosion and rust.


hanging shower caddy


  • Offer Large Storage Space: The space is very large for storing all kinds of shower accessories such as hair-care products, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.


  • Great looking hanging shower caddy rustproof: It not only helps to store everything wonderfully but also fits ideally with any bathroom furnishings with its stylish look.


hanging shower caddy


  • Very Easy To Hang On Shower Door: The shower caddy is very easy to put up. You can easily hang it over any glass shower wall with a thickness of up to 3.5 cm.


  • Rubber Protection Cover: The two 11 cm long rear hooks have a full transparent rubber cover on them to protect the glass wall. Allow the shower caddy to hang stably on the glass door without shaking. It also prevents the caddy from slipping around and produce any noise.

hanging shower caddy


  • Perfect-fitting Wall Hanging Shower Caddy: It can easily fit on glass walls and bathroom doors up to 3.5 cm. Offer a strong load-bearing capacity for holding all your bathroom essentials.


  • Smooth Touching Surface: The whole surface is brushed to be very smooth and scratch-resistant. There is no bur on the surface to hurt your hand or anything. Very good quality!


shower caddy


1 review for YIGII Hanging Shower Caddy KS025

  1. B&B

    I bought these for our RV shower and it was loaded down with all of our products when we drove hundreds of miles to our next location. It is so strong I have full confidence it will never move unless we do it ourselves.

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