YIGII Hand Towel Rack Adhesive KH010C

(8 customer reviews)


  • Unique Extended Lengthy Bar: The longer bar of the hand towel rack than normal ones is perfect for spreading out a hand towel and making them dry faster and thoroughly. Suitable for holding a super large hand towel.


  • Heavy-duty & Durable Material: The 304 stainless steel material is of premium grade in the metal industry. It is a highly durable and sturdy material that is rustproof and highly suitable for hanging damp towels.


  • Brushed Anti-scratch Finish: The surface is of hand-polished stainless steel finish that is built to resist daily scratches and is anti-corrosion & rust.


  • Brighten Bathroom Decor: With a perfect mirror syle, It is ideal for brightening up your decor in the bathroom, kitchen, etc.


  • Easy To Stick: No need to drill holes with tools or screws. It is easy to stick to the wall. Just peel and press! Work done!


  • Minimalistic Shape Design: The hand towel rack’s look is very sleek and modern. It can add a fresh & clean style to any bathroom space with its simplistic appearance.


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Super Long Hand Towel Bar That Can Spread Dry Towel Thoroughly And Let It Dry Faster Come To Your Aid!

Are you sick of your towel being left all over the place and becoming a natural breed base of bacteria?



Material: SUS stainless steel,

Size: Rod length: 37cm

Distance from wall: 5cm


hand towel bar next to basin


Super Functional Space-saver Hand Towel Bar

It can be placed next to the basin or on the bathroom wall near the shower and does not take up much space, so you can easily get your hand towel or your bath towel.

Rust-proof stainless steel material is very suitable for hanging wet towels.

The best thing about a 304 stainless steel paper holder is that the metal won’t rust over time with damp towels hanging on them over long periods of time.

Keep your towels clean and tidy in a small space. Very suitable for small bathroom with limited towel tidying space offered.

The hand towel rack gives you a comfortable and clean environment by keeping towels away from the counter, table, and floor.

A great assistant in keeping towels tidy and clean for busy housewives.


stainless steel hand towel rack


Super Handy & Super Sticky Hand Towel Rail For You

You can hang kitchen towels or hand towels anywhere you want. Since it does not need drilling, you can easily put it in any place you like.

It is very easy to assemble. You just tear off the protective film and stick it on a clean and smooth wall.

The 3M adhesive tape has great adhesion strength that is suitable for various surfaces,

including textured wall panels, ceramics, tiles, granite, glass, plastic, metal, artificial marble and paneling.


hand towel holder


Installation tips:

  1. Before installing it, please make sure the wall surface is clean and dry.
  2. Also, avoid sticking to tile joints or uneven wall surfaces with holes.
  3. Excess air must be completely pressed out between the wall and the sticker.
  4. Finally, leave it for 24 hours to ensure better adhesion, and then place things.


Installation Video:




8 reviews for YIGII Hand Towel Rack Adhesive KH010C

  1. Steven

    It’s a great price and comes ready to stick to the wall.

  2. Siemorales

    These are great. I put them on the side of IKEA Godmorgon sinks I have in my kids bathroom. Worked like a a charm on that IKEA “wood”.

  3. Teresa McLendon

    I liked this simpler design that held the actual towel higher and i was still able to use the original wall location.

  4. Lady of the Lake

    My tub has a tile surround and I didn’t want to drill any holes to mount anything. This works great, the adhesive is strong and the sleek solid bar gives it a nice clean look.

  5. Christie

    This was SO EASY to install and it is sturdy metal. I bought one for each bathroom. And one bathroom I installed it on drywall.

  6. Shawn

    I am very please with the appearance and the adhesive works very well.

  7. Katie Baxter

    Way better than the over the counter hooks. Looks way more expensive than it was. Very satisfied.

  8. Shannon Ellis

    I bought to put in bathroom for hand towel , I didn’t want to drill holes in my wall that always manage to pull out. I simply peeled off paper put towel holder on wall applied little pressure 30 seconds and no issues definitely order another for kitchen

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