YIGII Dual Towel Bar KH008-2 –Limited Time PromotionšŸ”„

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Brushed Anti-scratch Smooth Finish: A brushed surface is for it to be highly resistant to scratch and wear. Also, edges are deburred to be very smooth.


Elegant Concealed Nail Screw Design: The two nails are nicely concealed with non-obtrusive caps on them. You can use the included nicely-made caps to put on the nailing spots to hide them away.


Easy To Clean Surface: The 304 stainless steel body is stain-resistant and dirt-resistant so dust or stain will not easily attach to the rack. You can easily wipe it clean as new.


Well-made Solid Body: The body is made of solid stainless steel materials. You can feel its sturdy and superb quality when you got it. It has some weight to it with its robust material.


Only Two Hole Required: The dual towel rod is easy to assemble with only two holes needed in the wall for installation. You can set it up in a few minutes. More stable to last on your wall for a lifetime!



Are you tired of only being able to hang one single towel at a time with a one-bar towel holder? Do you really hate a wet towel that could not dry completely?

Do not miss this Dual Towel Bar!



Material: SUS 304 stainless steel

Finish: Brushed

Length: 40 cm

Dimensions: 40 x 12 x 6 x 3.8 (cm)

The distance of two rods: 3.2cm

The diameter of the rod: 1.8 cm

The distance of two mounting holes: 6 cm

Installation: wall mounting

Package: 1 x towel rail + screws + dowels included


dual towel bar


Two Bar Design: Save Space & More Towels Holding & Quicker Drying

The dual bar holder is a great space saver for hiding (fixing) on an unnoticed and unused spot while a two-bar design can leave more space for towel hanging.

It is also very compact in size and does not take up space at all. It can fit quite perfectly beside a washbasin, on the unused wall, or behind a door in a tight bathroom.

Also, the two bars have a wide space between them to allow for quick drying of your hand towels, bath towels, or kitchen towels.

Also, the bar is far enough away from the wall so that the towels on it can dry very quickly.


YIGII dual towel bar


The Secret To No Falling Off

The screws concealed assembly makes the towel holder all the more elegant looking.

The screw design with a wide 6 cm distance between the two mounting holes makes the dual towel holder fixed the wall with absolutely no wobbling.

It will never fall off as long as you screw it tight. Also, the assembly process is quite simple.

Just drill two small tiny holes and attach the holder to them. Then, screw your nails into your holes. Last, put the decorative caps on the two screws.


double bar beside washbasin


bathroom double bar towel rack


You can find out how to install it in the following video:

1 review for YIGII Dual Towel Bar KH008-2 –Limited Time PromotionšŸ”„

  1. Barbara McCray

    Nice heavy duty real stainless steel.
    I use it for a single bath towel over both bars, lets it dry much faster than normal single bar because of air space provided between towel halves.

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