YIGII Double Towel Bar Wall-mounted D003



Clean & Straight Style: The clean stainless steel finish brings a brightened feel to your bathroom and the holder is of simple straight design, keeping your decor style minimalist.


Long-lasting Finish: The finish is polished to be smooth. With a durable and long-lasting finish, the double rob will never fade or discolor.


Two Longer Bars: You can easily spread a towel completely on the bar to prevent a wet towel from generating bacteria or mold.


Enough Space For Quicker Drying: The two bars between is enough space to allow for quicker drying of towels. The distance between two rods reaches 3.7 cm.


More Stable & Durable Wall Mounting: The wall-mounted towel holder can keep towels secured on wall and release you from worrying about falling off.


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Concealed To The Side Of Sink: Great Space Saving Double Towel Bar!

Great Stainless Steel Material! Reinforced Base Plate! Perfect Finish! 



Surface: Brushed

Installation method: Wall mounting

Material: Durable 304 stainless steel,

Length: 40 cm towel rail arm

Diameter of the rod: 1.8 cm

Distance between two mounting holes: 3 cm

Distance between two rods: 3.7 cm

Package: 1 x double towel holder, 2x matching screws + dowels included


double towel bar


Reasonable Design For Complete Drying Of Towels

There is enough room between the two rods so that the two towels hung on them will not touch each other.

Allow for better towel drying efficiency and bacteria prevention.

Also, with the long bar, you can spread your towels completely. Your towels would dry without having to be bunched up at the edges.

Make your towel free of moisture, mold, and bacteria. etc. so every time you reach your towel, you will get your dry towel.


double towel bar


Quick To Install And Get A Beautiful Double Towel Bar

This is a solid and quick solution to towel drying based on the design motto “Keep it simple”.

The assembly can finish in a short time, and you only need two holes in the wall.

Everything you need for mounting comes with this towel holder. The matching dowels and better screws are offered so that the base plate can be fixed very well in the wall.

The wall-mounting screwing type makes daily towel hanging more secure. Also, the entire workmanship of the double bar is pleasing and neatly processed with no burs.

Don’t hesitate to get this very classy double towel rod that looks very stable!


double towel bar


Detailed Installation Video Is Below:



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