YIGII Chrome Toilet Roll Holder Pro 123L



  • Brand: YIGII
  • Product: Chrome toilet roll holder with shelf
  • Material: SUS304 stainless steel
  • Surface: Brushed finish
  • Color: Silver & Black
  • Distance between two holes: 8.5 cm,
  • Dimension of the shelf: 10.5 cm * 14 cm
  • Distance between base plate and bar: 6.5 cm
  • Bar length: 14 cm
  • Package: 1*holder; 1*adhesive pad; a set of screws + dowels



Stylish& Elegant & Cool Multifunctional-Shelf Chrome Toilet Roll Holder


Provide Complete Set of Tools for Stick On & Screw On

All the needed parts like adhesive pads plus screws, dowels and screw caps are available.

If you want to screw on or stick on the holder and find another option superfluous, you simply just leave aside the related assembly tools.


brushed chrome toilet roll holder


Quick & Easy Installation with the Adhesive Pad

  • The self-adhesive assembly is very easy and can be done quickly. Simply clean the wall properly and remove the film from the double-sided adhesive strip. Then stick it very well to the holder and then to the tile. Press the holder hard to the surface for one minute.
  • (Note: After assembly, you should not load the toilet roll on the holder immediately, but let the holder stay still for a day. )


  • The chrome toilet paper holder sticks well to the wall with the provided 3M stickers on the back. If you put it up for a year or two or more. You will find that nothing gives reason to believe that it could loosen up, even if you use the holder regularly.


  • The good thing about this self-adhesive mounting way is that it does not need to drill holes to damage the wall. So this brushed chrome toilet roll holder is especially perfect for use in rental apartments.


chrome toilet paper holder


Chrome Toilet Roll Holder With Waterproof Shelf — Your Indispensable Poo Companion


  • Premium Construction Material: The metal for toilet paper holder storage has a bit of weight and is quite sturdy. The high-quality SUS304 stainless steel material it adopts is in contrast with usually plenty of scrap on the market. Look really expensive and valuable.


  • Special Shelf Design: The shelf is perfect for your wallet, key, spare paper roll, shampoo bottle, air fresher, or mobile phone, etc. At the same time, it keeps out of the water from your showerhead onto the toilet paper.


  • Completely Flawless Detail: The detail of the brushed chrome toilet roll holder is perfect. You will not find any dents, scratch, black dots, stains, or the like on its surface.



Here’s the review video of  123L Toilet Paper Holder from “Poor Man’s DIY” on YouTube


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