YIGII Bottle Holder For Soda Stream KH028

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  • Dry Your Bottles Faster: With this bottle drying rack, your bottles can dry a lot faster. It keeps bottles up off the surface so that they can dry inside and out. Also, the hollow inside of the rack has enough space for ventilation and doesn’t encourage mold growth.
  • Bottle-friendly Mouths: Three holes are designed with a jagged line design so as to hold bottles more steadily and vertically without hurting the surface of bottles. Secure bottles more snuggly.
  • Thoughtful Position for Bottle Caps: Three raised positions are designed for bottle caps placement so you won’t leave the caps all around the countertop and risk the chance of losing them. Dry the whole bottle body even caps.
  • Removable Drip Pan: Under the bottle rack there is a large removable drip tray that catches every drop of water. It can be easily detached and then cleaned, keeping the countertop of the kitchen and other places dry and tidy.
  • Anti-skid Bottom Design: There are four anti-slide silicone pads at the bottom of the drying stand so as to ensure a great balance of the bottle rack. No wobbling around will occur even if you put it on an uneven surface.
  • Compact-size Bottle Holder: The bottle holder does not look bulky at all. Doesn’t take up precious counter space. It is a great space-saving countertop drying rack for small apartments, college dorms, camps. It is compact size and portable. A portable drying holder can turn any counter, sink, or table into a drying area.


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YIGII Water Bottle Holder: A perfect combination of elegance and functionality & A delicate water bottle holder for every home!

Start everyday stress-free with a fresh and clean glass bottle!



Bottle holder 30 x 10 x 9 cm

Bottle mouth diameter: 7 cm

Packaging included: drip tray x 1, matt black drip tray x 1


Secrets to A Satisfying Bottle Holder:


  • Jagged Hole Edge for Secure & Safe Holding

The hole edge is cleanly deburred and is highly bottle surface friendly to prevent damage to your bottles. Every corner of the holder is optimally shaped to safely and gently holder your bottles. Since the edge is rippled, it can hold bottles more steadily. Perfectly fit the Sodastream bottles as well as any bottles with a pointed mouth.

Compared with the traditional rubber-made holes, which easily leads to looseness and falling off and leaving unsightly marks. The gear holes design of this one ensures stability without leaving marks on the bottle, making the user life of the drinks bottle longer.




  • Detachable Black Board for Catching Drips

There is a drain pan at the bottom of this cup holder. It can collect the water from the washed bottles and prevent water from flowing around your table and soaking your stuff. No more water drips onto the table surface during the drying process. Keep the counter dry and clean!

The drip pan is a very thoughtful design. It is removable so that you can easily pour out water from the tray after it drips out of your carafes.

Also, a detachable pan at the bottom of the rack ensure bottles don’t sit in a pool of water. Keep them clean, sanitary and dry. That’s the purpose of the rack.


  • Four Non-skid Feet for No Wobbling

The elevated non-skid feet at the bottom of the bottle stand make it easy for you to lift. The base of the drying rack is equipped with four square silicone pads that can prevent the bottle shelf from being stuck on the countertop, so you can easily lift it.

The soft pad can also provide higher stability when you put it on slightly uneven surfaces. Thus, the bottle can stand firmly in the frame of the three holes without any wobbling. Keep your bottles greatly balanced.

The four non-slip silicone pads on the bottom have a good grip on the countertop so as to make sure the rack won’t tip over.



How to make a water drying stand stand out

We bear the following purposes in mind when we design this SodaStream bottle stand:

  • Suitable for any pointing-shape bottles: The drying rack is ideal for any mouth-pointing bottles. It can properly dry the drinking carafes of various pointed shapes. A perfect gadget to thoroughly drain your bottles, so they’re ready to go before the next use.
  • Drain all the water out: You can easily set your glass bottles upside down on the rack to drain the remaining water thoroughly. The rack can hold the bottles upright and not at an angle to ensure all water drips out of the cup.
  • Perfect water killer: At the bottom of the rack, there is a drain tray to catch the water from bottles that have just been washed and prevent your table from being wet, so you don’t end up with water all over your counter.
  • Beautiful kitchen accessory: The kitchen drying rack makes a great display on the kitchen counter. The glossy stainless steel presents a modern and stylish looking. With a brushed nickel surface, it looks more sophisticated than the usual bottle drying racks.
  • Perfect counter organizer: Its compact size saves the drying space and organizes your counter. Perfect for holding & storing your bottles in waiting for sterilization or for drying your glass water bottles before drinking.
  • Easy to use & store rack: The glass carafes and lids can be inserted very easily into the holder. It is suitable for all kinds of bottles such as bottles from Soda Stream Crystal, Easy, Power, Penguin, Fuse, Emil Bottles, Wassermax, etc.



2 reviews for YIGII Bottle Holder For Soda Stream KH028

  1. Lunamoth

    Love this rack, we purchased two.They work great to hold the bottles and cap until you are ready to use them

  2. zoritoler imol

    Great post. I am facing a couple of these problems.

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