YIGII Bathroom Hand Towel Holder 162B

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Perfect For Small Room: The simple one-arm holder is compact enough for tight space such as the side of a washbasin, door back, etc.


Easy Access Next To The Sink: You can fasten the holder next to the sink. It can provide easy access and display of hand towels and washcloths in your bathroom. Towel reaching becomes easy!


High-end Looking: It has a high-end nice-looking stainless steel look! The cool gray metallic look makes your bathroom look more dazzling.


Brushed Stainless Steel: The bar is a solid SUS 304 stainless steel bar and not a thin empty case. It is heavy-duty and will not rust in a humid environment.


Secure Fixing Way: The supplied dowels, etc. fastening accessories are of premium quality and will not rust. Work very well to secure the holder!



If you are hoping for a nice, sturdy, heavy-duty bathroom hand towel holder, this is your best chance!


Products: 40 cm towel rail
Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
Installation method: Wall-mounted
Surface: Brushed
Color: Silver
Item weight: 0.25 kg
Length of the towel rail: 40 cm
Bar diameter: 2.9 cm
Base diameter: 5 cm
Package: 1 x towel rail + fastening screws


towel holder for bathroom

Keep Your Towel Within Reach, Spread Your Towel Entirely!

The 40cm bar provides enough length for hanging multiple bath towels, hand towels, washcloths and other stuff.

As long as you stick it more away from the cabinet, you can leave enough space for hanging a big thick fluffy towel on it.

The bathroom hand towel holder performs great in anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Perfect for a humid space like the kitchen or bathroom.

It serves as a handy place to store your towels within reach. Also, it can dry your towels completely with its enough length for the towel to spread out.


silver towel holder with a white towel

The Perfect Sleek Shape With The Best Material!

The shiny & sleek & clean lines and the sturdy construction are what make the wall-mounted single-arm hand towel holder popular.

The quality of the metal materials is particularly reflected in the weight and thickness of the bar. You can actually feel its quality when you got it.

It adopts the top-of-the-line stainless steel material and is a high-end & solid type bathroom accessory. Not those light cheap metal!

The holder has a brushed surface and can provide everyday towel reaching and drying efficiency with an elegant & delicate style.

The smooth surface and the round bar shape make the towel pulling process smooth.


single-arm wall-mounted towel holder


See How To Easily Install It:



1 review for YIGII Bathroom Hand Towel Holder 162B

  1. Amber Azmat

    These containers were portable and sleek. They were perfect for using them in the bathroom! Found them to be very useful and sturdy.

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