YIGII Adhesive Towel and Coat Hook 137

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  • Top-grade Material: Made of premium SUS-304 premium-grade stainless steel, ensuring rust resistance, durability, and longevity.
  • Super Large Hook Area: The extended C-shape design leaves more space for hanging kitchenware, coats, towels, bags, bathrobes, or a lot of clothes, etc.
  • Super Sticky Backing: The high-grade imported adhesive promises an ultra-strong viscosity.
  • Nicely Finished Surface: It has a nice shiny modern looking and will fit practically any kind of decor style. Waterproof & rustproof.
  • Easy to Install: No need to drill, just wipe clean your smooth-surface wall and dry it, peel off the protective layer of the hook, squeeze it and stick it on the wall.
  • Widely Applied: The towel hook can be used in the kitchen, RV, living room, bedroom, etc. Really functional & practical to use.



4 pcs Nice Adhesive Towel and Coat Hook
Product Dimension: 2.9 x 1.7 x 1.3 inches
Package: Hooks × 4 pack




Special C-shape Design

The C-type design of this Adhesive Towel and Coat Hook can secure anything that is hung on it and greatly helps prevent towels from slipping off.

This towel hook can be an ideal towel hook, coat hook, kitchenware hook, etc.

The end of it has a smooth rounded edge that prevents tearing the clothes or towels that hung on it.

The curved end of this towel hook is very smooth and burr-free, promising gentle holding of your stuff & no tearing.

It will not tear apart any of your fabric stuff such as bath towels, hats, clothes, etc.



towel hook


Adhesive Towel and Coat Hook with Super Gluing

The 4 pcs Adhesive Towel and Coat Hook are fitted with a super-strong adhesive that can hold so well onto the wall as to last for many years.

It promises never falling off! It can easily hold heavy-duty stuff of yours with its strong & powerful adhesion on the back.

Users can even randomly rip or pull hard a towel or clothes off the hook without worrying that the hook might loosen.



towel hook


Strong Stable Material

The Adhesive Towel and Coat Hook is 304 stainless steel so it is very sturdy and can tackle heavy-duty hanging tasks.

It can last for years without rusting. Its brushed steel finish is great for resisting daily scratches, moisture, rust, and corrosion.

Since it is of stainless steel material, it can withstand any damage to the hook and has a classic and timeless appearance.


hook for towel


Installation Tips
1. Just cleaning the wall surface to install(the wall must be a smooth surface like ceramic tile, metal surface, glasses, etc.; not wallpaper or painted wall) and dry it. If the wall for putting hooks is a ceramic tile, you can wipe it clean with alcohol.
2. Peel off the protective layer on its back and stick it on the wall. It should take a few seconds to press for ensuring better stickiness.
3. Finally rest it for 24 hours to ensure it stays put before hanging things on it.


Removal Tips
To remove an adhesive towel hook, you just simply use a hairdryer to heat the adhesive area. Then use a blade to scrape the adhesive step by step and slowly remove the hook.


2 reviews for YIGII Adhesive Towel and Coat Hook 137

  1. Wendy

    Honestly one of the best products i ever bought. Its so simple but effective. This hook is able to hold my shower caddy and the photo is lopsided because of the skin products being heavier on the right but it’s holding it like a beast. It weights at least 10lbs and its holding at 100% not even a slight pull. I have only had them for about 5 days but guys everyday i come home from work i tug on them to see if its loose and its still like day 1 strength. I can only speak for this being amazing on tiles. So if you have tiles and had any doubt these will work, trust me when i say order them and you will not be disappointed!

  2. zoritoler imol

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

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