YIGII Toilet Paper Holder Shelf KH019

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  • Paper Holder With Shelf: Cylindrical rod bar design with shelf holder, multifunctional, elegant, sturdy. Large storage space to fit most of the paper rolls in the market.
  • Spacious & Unique-design Top: The shelf edge is curved upward to prevent items from slipping. The top shelf has enough space to hold the smartphones, iPads, wet wipes, facial tissue, or other items.
  • Sleek & Stylish: Designed with clean & smooth lines and contemporary styling. Its metallic look gives your bathroom a modern and brightly decorated tone.
  • Clean Deburred Surface: The surface is carefully deburred for reaching a smooth & shiny effect. Designed with user-friendly rounded edges, no more worries about hurting your hand or tearing apart your paper roll.
  • Brushed Nickel Material: The material is hardly impossible to bend and is highly sturdy. Helps to reduce fingerprints and spots. Easy to be wiped clean!
  • Two Installation Ways: 1. Drilling, equipped with screws and dowels. 2. Without drilling, just peel off the film of the self-adhesive pad and stick it on the smooth wall surface.



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Unique-designed Toilet Paper Holder Shelf: Spacious & No-falling Curved Top + Robust Bar



Material: SUS 304 Stainless steel.

Installation: Self-adhesive

The distance between the bar from the wall: 3 7/10 inch

The distance between two screw holes: 4 1/10 inch

The shelf size: 6 1/10 x 4 1/2 inch.


Keep Your Paper Roll Secure & Clean & Dry

The end cylindrical design at the end of the toilet paper bar can securely prevent the paper roll from falling off the holder.

The top cap is designed to prevent water from falling on the paper roll and make tissue clean and dry.

The distance between the bar from the wall is 3 7/10 inches. Enough space left to keep the paper away from the dirty wall so as to keep the paper roll clean.

Also, leave sufficient space for the big-size paper roll to rotate.



Toilet Paper Holder with a Easy-to-clean & Shiny Surface

Super easy to clean! It is constructed by brushed nickel so it’s spot resistant so having wiped it down is enough to keep it clean and new-looking.

Offer the easiest way to maintain! With just one wipe, good just as new! An annoying cleaning issue solved with it!

The brushed mirror surface can stay glossy for a lifetime. Its shiny finish will never fade. Always that shiny!



Doubled Reassurance: Two Installation Ways For You To Choose From

Self-adhesive, no drilling:

  1. Clean and dry the wall. Make sure there is no dust, grease, or wax on the surface.
  2. Remove the adhesive film from the toilet paper holder’s rubber pad
  3. Press the toilet roll holder against the wall for a few seconds and wait for 24 hours. If you wait for 48 hours before you use it, the holder will be more stable.


Screw mounting:

  1. Drill holes in the marked area and insert the expansion screw.
  2. Hold the toilet paper holder, insert two screws into the holes and tighten the screws and nuts.


Note: Do not stick it on painted walls, wallpaper, lime walls, or other soft or uneven surfaces.




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