YIGII Kitchen Towel Holder Adhesive KS005F

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  • Functional “L” Design: The kitchen towel holder is of a simple “L” design and has a slim but robust arm, making it easy to change out paper towels. A round knob at the bar end prevents the kitchen paper roll from slipping off.
  • Greatly Save Space: The paper towel rack can be installed vertically or horizontally on the side of a sink or under the cabinet. More convenient than the standing paper towel holder type, saving counter space leaving the countertop more neat and tidy without paper rolling around on it.
  • No Cutting Edges: The holder is skillfully hand-polished so the whole cylindrical body has no cutting edges, it won’t pierce the paper towel holder you hang on and ​protect your hands from scratching.
  • Highly Glossy Material: Made of SUS 304 stainless steel and brushed, the paper towel holder is highly resistant to scratches and is waterproof and rustproof. Dirt is not easy to stay on its surface and can be wiped clean easily within a second.
  • Super Easy to Put Up: You can easily install the paper holder under your kitchen cabinet with a few quick measurements. It adopts a stick-on” adhesion method of attaching this paper towel holder to the surface of the wall or cabinet. Stick it, Got it. No trouble taken at all.
  • Tips and Attention: The kitchen roll holder is suitable for smooth surfaces. (not suitable for wallpaper or painted wall). Please wait 24 hours before hanging the tissue.



Best Kitchen Adhesive Towel Holder For Your Easy Reaching & Pulling Off Paper Towel in Kitchen



Length of the paper towel holder rod: 11 3/5 inches.

Total length: 33 cm

Bottom plate: 4.5 * 15 cm

Weight: 0.274 kg

Packaging: Kitchen roll holder x 1


Kitchen Towel Holder: A Great Assistant in Drying & Cleaning Your Kitchen


It is very suitable for not only kitchens but also toilets, bathrooms, dining rooms, and other places where you need paper towels to dry your hands, plates, or other kinds of your stuff.

It can also be very handy when you need paper towels for wiping your dirty or oil-spilled counter clean.

With it, you can just reach your paper quite conveniently and can pull it off quite smoothly without any bumping.

A great helper for drying dishes or hands after them being washed during cooking.

And its easy-to-maintain surface can be wiped clean, reducing the annoying cleaning work, alleviating your worries about dirt collecting on it, and giving you peace of mind.


kitchen towel holder


Stably Roll Out Your Paper Towel


The kitchen towel holder has a unique round knob design at the end to prevent the paper roll from falling off.

You can just tear the paper off the holder with one single hand since it has a strong steadiness with its super strong glue on the back.

It can stay in the horizontal direction all the time. No wobbling or dropping off will occur!

Just enjoy this sturdy and heavy-duty design! Stay super stable even with kids yanking on it just with its strong stickiness!


stick on paper towel holder


Thoughtfully designed & Glossy Smooth-to-touch & Easy-to-clean Surface


Smooth, slick, and sanded edges and lines ensure that your paper roll will not get torn apart and can run pretty smoothly on it.

The brushed finish looks really modern and shiny in your bathroom. The mirror finish offers the best solution to fingerprints, water spots, and scratches.

It can stay pretty all the time without getting dirty easily. The shiny modern style can match everything else in your bathroom, bedroom, toilet, and kitchen.


adhesive mounted paper towel holder


Installation Tip:

Make sure the surface is clean, dry, smooth, and flat, with no powder and dust.

Can’t be easily removed after installation, please choose your satisfying place carefully before sticking. You can install it vertically and horizontally.

Please press it hard for 10-30 seconds when installing.


Removal Tip:

Can be removed with a hairdryer. Make the stuck area heated for 1-2 minutes, then the holder will fall off easily. It will not leave any adhesive residue or hurt your wall surface.


FAQ of Kitchen Stick on Paper Towel Holder


Question: What else can you use the kitchen roll holder for?

The kitchen roll holder is usually for hanging paper towels in the kitchen. Besides, it can also be used for others uses. Like the hangers in the laundry room, rolls of garbage bags, twine and so on.


19 reviews for YIGII Kitchen Towel Holder Adhesive KS005F

  1. Diane Scott

    I was looking for a paper towel holder that would fix on the wall without any screws and I found this. My kitchen wall has been tiled and they say that this is the suitable surface for the adhesive. This space saving paper towel holder has lasted for a long time since I attached to the wall. It’s amazing! It does not take up too much space because I install it vertically. Also, it looks modern and sleek. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

  2. Lindsey

    Perfect, just what I was looking for.

  3. Mikky

    Easy to install, instead of horizontal I placed the bar vertical and with the weight of the paper towel it still holds great.

  4. karissa

    We installed this towel holder in our travel trailer. Due to space constraints we placed it vertically next to the sink. It works perfectly.

  5. CHLOE

    There was nothing that I disliked about this item I purchased. It is easy to to install. The adhesion is very strong

  6. Susan Thompson

    I need a stick on paper towel holder under my kitchen cabinet, which is not thick enough to drill. It attaches to the bottom of my cabinet sturdily. I think this holder will stick tightly for a long time use and its stainless steel structure can withstand any corrosion and rust.
    The installation is quite easy as ABC. But remember to clean the area to make it free of grease and water before installation and wait for 24 hrs before hanging the paper towel.
    It does add a new shine to my kitchen. Love it and highly recommend it!

  7. Janett Orantes

    Perfevcr Fit

  8. Richard

    We decided to attach the holder on the bottom of our kitchen cabinet and it was such an easy install that it took about 3 mins. We use the adhesive tape and it works perfectly fine. Love this product and it’s a great addition to our new home!

  9. Alice

    Very beautiful. I was shocked at the fact that the glue was strong enough to hold up. Didn’t need to use the screws at all. Sleek and beautiful.

  10. Alan

    Once it is stuck it is stuck. So far very sturdy & works amazingly. Very high quality stainless steel!

  11. George Broadfoot

    Very sleek!!! I really needed one of these because I have limited counter space. Really loving the look and functionality so far!

  12. Christine hambright

    I LOVE this paper towel holder for several reasons; the quality it excellent, the adhesion does just that and took me about 15 seconds to install. Why go anywhere else when you can get both quality and value here.

  13. Mounir Errami

    It matchs our cabinet hardware and it is sturdy so far. Easy to install and looks good. It was competitively priced and a good buy. I would highly recommend it.

  14. Laura K.

    Pretty satisfied with this purchase. I have a really small kitchen, so I had to insert this towel holder on one of my cabinet doors. It was very easy to install.

  15. mike koehler

    The style is very versatile which helped me decide where to place this holder. It doesn’t look out of place, and it keeps the paper towels up and out of the way.

  16. Jay Torres

    I have had this for a few months, hanging under my ikea cabinets. It matches the other stuff hanging on, so far it has survived being used by my teenager for a few months so the adhesive is good.

  17. Blaine

    Very sturdy adhesions. So easy to install. The adhesion is already on the product, so all you have to do is figure out where you wanna place it, take the strip off the adhesions and place it. Love the product.

  18. Smith

    I did not want to screw any whole into our kitchen cabinets, I was scared that it wasn’t going to stick on but it works great and the quality is amazing! It’s very sturdy and would highly recommend!

  19. Antonella Stefano

    Does its job quite well. The adhesion was impressive. The quality was well made, and it seemed like a great fit for my over use of paper towels.

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