YIGII Adhesive Paper Towel Holder Under Cabinet KH017Y

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  • Size: 12 2/5 Inch(12.4CM), Distance from the wall: 3 9/10 Inch.(3.9CM).
  • High quality material: Waterproof and durable, ensure quality and longevity.
  • Functional & Sturdy Holder: Adhesive tape is sturdy and can be placed under cabinets or on the wall, saving your valuable counter space and helped with the clutter. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, grocery stores, laundries, RVs, campers and more.
  • Easy Installation: Peel off the protective film from the tape and press for a moment on a smooth surface.
  • Notes: The kitchen paper holder is not suitable for hanging on wallpapered or painted walls. Please wait 24 hours to ensure optimum bonding performance.
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YIGII Adhesive Paper Towel Holder Under Cabinet




Cupboard door


the roll paper.

Easy To Install:

1. Just cleaning the installing surface (must be smooth surface, like ceramic tile, metal surface ,glasses, etc.) and dry it.

If it is a new ceramic tile, wipe it clean with alcohol.

2. Peel off the protective layer in the back and stick it on the wall, it takes a few seconds to press. Rest it for 24 hours

to ensure better stick before hanging things on it.

3. Notes: Paper towel holder is not suitable for wall paper or painted wall.

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18 reviews for YIGII Adhesive Paper Towel Holder Under Cabinet KH017Y

  1. Goodviz

    Simple and effective

  2. Memaw Jenny

    So easy to install and so modern and cute

  3. Diane

    Great for our new RV

  4. Wiseguy

    Convenient and high quality

  5. Maya

    Great price and quality for a great value.

  6. Trixie

    Bought for new camper set-up – will be a great tool for getting the camper ready for rental

  7. Cassandra

    The best I could choose…. Thanks….!…

  8. Nana’s opinion

    Super quality and a great price.

  9. Tiffany

    It works, out on unfinished wood under my top cabinets. Moved it twice and it’s still adhering to where I put it last

  10. Christopher

    Easy to use, install and looks great!

  11. Brandon J.

    I really like this new towel holder. It stuck perfectly to my subway tile on the back splash and saved me valuable counter space and helped with the clutter. The paper towels look like their floating in air: I love the minimal look.

  12. Angelina Garner

    Sticks to my painted wall!

  13. Jeffrey kemp

    This is such a nice paper towel holder. Everything is so nice these days and convenient. I remember years ago when we had paper towel holders up under our cabinets they were almost like a tupperware type consistency. This is sleek, sturdy, and very easy to install. I placed mine underneath my cabinet and it adhered very well. I cleaned the area very good first then dried it and I waited about an hour so that I knew it would be completely dry. Please be sure where you want to place your paper towel holder because once you peel off the sticker and put it in an area you will not be able to remove it. I found my spot and I stuck it on and held it for however long the directions stated. I did not use mine for a full 24 hours, so far so good it is holding up very nicely and I have used smaller paper towels and some of the thicker ones. The paper towels go on very easy and you can remove the cardboard even easier. It adds a very nice touch to my kitchen.

  14. Amanda wootters

    I purchased this for my old camper and was very happy with it. Just bought this one for my new camper. It adheres well and there is no need to drill holes. In fact, make sure you place it exactly where you want it because once the adhesive touchs the surface it is impossible to remove it. Looks great too.

  15. Morning Bird

    I really like this product because it was super easy getting from the box to install it within two minutes or less and I also have an idea for other things that I may use this for such as if you’re looking to have toilet paper like 2 rolls at once or use this a little hanger for underwears, or other small items. I’m putting one every room. Overall, nice product.

  16. tonia m morris

    We used to have a paper towel holder that sat on the counter, but it always seemed to be in the way. We bought this one and it is awesome. It stuck to the underside of the cabinet and we have had no problems at all installing new rolls on it. It appears to be very sturdy and we love having the paper towels under the cabinet and off the counter.

  17. Jessica

    Holds large roll of paper towels.

  18. Stacey

    Great product.

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