YIGII Adhesive Bathroom Towel Hooks 102Y

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Durable & Strong Construction: Towel hooks for bathroom are made of brushed stainless steel to ensure durability and reliability.


Easy-to-install Self-adhesive Hook: Not drilling is required, does not damage the wall or glass. Very convenient for people that rent a home. No trouble needed. Self-adhesive makes for a strong hold on all smooth surfaces.


Strong Adhesion For Holding: The bathroom towel hook can stick very well since the adhesive pads are 3M and have great adhesive power. Nothing will get the hook down! It is a piece of cake for it to hold heavy stuff up to 3 kg – 5 kg.


High-grade & Classy Look: The hooks look very solid, high quality and high-grade with their glossy appearance. The metal mirror finish looks not cheap at all like priced but high value.


Multifunctional Towel Hooks: Can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, camping, caravans, and offices for dishtowels, clothes, bath towels, bathrobes, coats, scarves, keys, kitchen utensils.



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Product Description


Surface: Brushed

Material: Stainless steel

Item dimension: L x W x H: 14 x 4.4 x 5.4 cm

Loading capability: 3 kg – 5 kg

Backside: High-performance self-adhesive

Polished, smooth Hook edge: does not damage towels, hats, clothes

Package contents: 4 x towel hooks

Please do not use the hook in the first 24 hours following installation



Why People Love this Bathroom Towel Hook Rack

The super adhesion of it! The adhesion on the back of the towel hook is so super sticky so nothing can weigh it down so easily. Towel hooks for bathroom have a strong holding capability and are able to hold a lot of weight.

Also, the adhesive promises protection against water. No more worries about installing it in a humid environment like the bathroom. Once they stick, they won’t come off.


The solid quality of it! With a super hard premium SUS stainless steel construction,  they will last in a lifetime without bending or denting!

You can definitely attach heavier things to the hook than just a towel or washcloth. They can easily secure a heavy wet bathrobe or all kinds of your coats, clothes, etc. without wobbling or warping.


The glossy look of it! Hand towel hooks for bathroom look extremely stylish and timeless. They are made of brushed stainless steel and make a top-quality & modern impression. The surface is carefully sanded and presents a mirror finish. You won’t worry about leave annoying scratches on the glossy side


Where Are the Towel Hooks Placed in the Bathroom?

Finding the best place to hang towels can improve the functionality and space efficiency of a bathroom. This is what should be considered when looking for an ideal towel hook installation point.

On the shower wall

Installing the towel hook on the tiled wall has the advantages of stability and convenience. It minimizes the risk of the hook slipping off because the tile wall is very smooth and highly suitable for our bathroom towel hook.

It reduces the inconvenience of getting towels outside the steaming shower. Mounting on the wall allows you to get the towel, bath towel, or clothes to wear in the most convenient way. You can reach it as soon as you reach out.

On the bathroom door

In the pursuit of maximum comfort and functionality, please do not underestimate the area per inch, especially in small bathrooms. In addition to wall space, we should also consider using the advantages of doors to save space and increase the possibility of more bathroom designs.


How to Install Bathroom Towel Hooks

You can put them on metal, wood, tile, plastic, glass and any other smooth wall(clean and dry).

Step 1: Clean and dry the spot on the wall, then wait for the whole surface to dry.

Step 2: Peel off the back of the protective film and stick the adhesive hook on the desired position.

Step 3: Recommended to leave it on for 24h before hanging any stuff.


How to Remove Bathroom Towel Hooks:

When you have other decoration plans for the wall where the hooks are installed and want to remove the adhesive hooks, you can use a hairdryer to heat the glue. The hook will come off easily and quickly. No marks will be left on the wall.


Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas


  1. Drilling-required towel rack: The installation is very solid, but it will damage the wall.
  2. Creative shape towel rack: such as cartoon shape or character shape, very cute.
  3. Double-bar towel rack: Including the double-bar design in the front and back direction or the double-bar design in the up and down direction. You can hang more towels in a limited space, which improves the space utilization. Suitable for families with multiple family members.
  4. Multi-bar towel rack: designed to hang more towels. But pay attention to separate the bars in different positions to place them.
  5. Punch-free towel rack: Use triple M glue or suction cups to fix the towel rack on the wall. Will not damage the wall of the bathroom, easy to disassemble, and the installation position can be changed at any time.
  6. Single bar towel rack: Only one bar design, perfect for being used in apartments that want to save space. The simplest design and the most practical! Towels are most easy to dry and are not easy to breed bacteria in this single bar design.

2 reviews for YIGII Adhesive Bathroom Towel Hooks 102Y

  1. Cass

    These are great hooks. They are easy to install and are sturdy for bathroom towels or a robe. They are very modern and attractive so can really make your bathroom look better for not a lot of $. I would RECOMMEND!

  2. Great hooks

    Great sized hooks easy install

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