Why Choose Oval Vanity Mirrors For Your Bathroom

If you have minimal wall space in your house or you like the minimalistic look in your abode, then oval vanity mirrors for the bathroom are the best choice. This mirror type is also good for slender walls and it will look trendy too. If you are looking for a modern style option then you will get different design options for oval mirrors. Let’s explore more about this type of mirror so that you can get an idea for the decoration of your bathroom.

oval vanity mirrors for bathroom
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    How do I choose a bathroom mirror?

    There are several factors based on which you can choose your preferred bathroom mirror. You have to check the space on the wall, your preference and so on.

    ·Select the size of the mirror: The size of the mirror will matter; it will depend on your choice too. If you are not looking for too big a display and want the mirror just to show your face, then you have to go for the smaller size. If you want a full display of yours then go for a bigger size.

    ·Shape options: There are different shapes available for bathroom vanity mirrors, but when you have a smaller area on the wall then you must go for an oval mirror. This will not only give a vintage look you can also customize the sides as you prefer. It will save space on the wall and you will get a perfect display.

    ·Select the hanging space: Usually, a bathroom mirror hangs over the sink but if that’s not possible you have to choose other options. However, if you still have to fit the mirror over the sink then you need to consider the ceiling height, and always install it at eye level. If you are unable to see yourself properly in the mirror as you have to stand on your toes, this bathroom can be a risky place. Thus, it’s best to check the eye-level position.

    Are oval mirrors good?

    Oval mirrors are good as they do not take much space, you can install them on a narrow wall. Also, it gives a vintage look with proper customization. Let’s find out the benefits of it.

    ·Suitable for narrow walls: Oval-shaped mirrors are good for narrow spaces. If your bathroom does not have much space you can hang an oval mirror anywhere on the wall, it will not take up much space. As these mirrors do not have corners this will always save space in the house.

    ·Comes with unique designs: You can easily customize oval mirrors. Unlike squares and other shapes, you can add different designs to it and it will give a vintage look. These mirrors not only save space but will give a nice touch to the house interior.

    Best oval vanity mirrors for bathroom

    There are some best oval mirrors available in the market and you can choose from them. Let’s check out some good options.

    ·Radiance Frameless Bevel Oval Transitional Tilt Mirror: This mirror is frameless and you can tilt to any position you want. The brushed nickel feature gives it a modern look and you can install it very easily. The frameless mirror is unique and comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Radiance Frameless Bevel Oval Transitional Tilt Mirror

    ·IB MIRROR Dimmable Backlit Bathroom Mirror: If you want to do your makeup in the bathroom then this Led mirror is the best. This has a warm white color which makes it a unique option and this is environment friendly as well. You just have to touch the round button at the side of the mirror to switch the light on.

    IB MIRROR Dimmable Backlit Bathroom Mirror

    ·Howard Elliott Trafalga Mirror: If you are looking for a vintage touch to your bathroom mirror then this wooden frame option is for you. It has a perfect size and you will get the perfect display. If you are decorating your home, and you have a smaller space then you can get this wooden framed mirror  for the bathroom. It’s made of golden-colored wood and will give the best look to the space.

    Howard Elliott Trafalga Mirror

    ·Howard Elliott Queen Ann Mirror: This oval mirror will give an antique feeling to your bathroom. You can not only hang it in the bathroom but in other rooms in your house too. This has a wooden frame and comes in golden color.

    Howard Elliott Queen Ann Mirror

    In Conclusion

    Find the best oval mirrors from a reputed seller and you will get the best designs. Make sure to get the measurements of your bathroom walls to get the perfect fit.

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