How To Organize My Modern Jack And Jill Bathroom Layout

Are you living in a big family or sharing rooms with siblings? If yes, you will probably want to get out of the morning rush in the small bathroom. The tiny bathroom that only allows one person to wash face and rinse mouth at a time always bothers people in the big family. Is there any solution to this problem? The short answer is “yes”. The Jack and Jill bathroom must be the best option that helps create a larger, shared space (yet private) for a big family, especially there are several children living together. Here are some good ideas of how to organize a modern Jack and Jill bathroom layout. Owning the larger bathroom to quit rush and squabbles every morning!

Jack and Jill bathroom
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    What Is A “Jack And Jill” Bathroom?

    Jack and Jill bathroom is the kind the full-sized bathroom sandwiched between two bedrooms. Why is this kind of bathroom called that? It is named after the children in the famed nursery rhyme because it is originally intended for siblings. If you have seen the Jack and Jill bathroom on TV, what impresses most is its double sinks. This is a symbolic feature indeed. However, judging whether a bathroom is a Jack and Jill bathroom mainly depends on its doors. There must be at least two doors in such a bathroom to be accessible for two separate bedrooms. Sometimes there would be the third door added to a corridor.

    The Jack and Jill bathroom has been around for centuries. However, it didn’t truly go on fashion as Jack and Jill bathroom until the 1960s. The reason relates to its original intention–to serve siblings in big families. According to some population research, it is common to see five or more kids in a family in the 1960s. Therefore, shared space that serves between siblings to save on time and room in daily routines is a must. For this purpose, Jack and Jill bathroom is the perfect option.

    Is The Jack And Jill Bathroom Outdated?

    At present, the Jack and Jill bathroom is still a clever idea in home interior design, especially the big family home. It is not only for children to use but also for overnight guests.

    A Jack and Jill bathroom is ideal for overnight guests who have to share bath space with other family members. You can set two doors with locks inside and outside to protect the privacy of both family members and guests. If you are afraid that is not enough for privacy, you can add some modern design to the Jack and Jill bathroom layout. For example, separating the toilet to be a single room in the bathroom and using the bath curtain.

    What Are Pros And Cons Of The Jack And Jill Bathroom?

    If you are going to create a Jack and Jill bathroom in your house, you may have to know more about it, like the benefits and shortcomings. Let’s go on!

    Pros Of Jack and Jill Bathroom:

    • It cost less and save more space than to build separate bathroom for each bedrooms. Building separate bathrooms in each bedrooms can take up too much space and cost more in decoration. A connected bathroom help use space more effectively and free up room for other purpose.
    • It helps a lot with the hectic morning rituals in big family with several children. Children share bathroom with others can make quick preparations for school in such bathroom since there are always two sinks.
    • It still provides privacy for people who use together. It always has two doors with locks so bedrooms connected with it still remain separate from each other. You can also design the bathroom layout to separate the sink area from the bath stall and toilet.

    Cons Of Jack And Jill Bathroom:

    • l It is landlocked and isolated. This kind of bathroom is not accessible for people to enter from the corridor or hallway. But it is easy to solve this problem. Just add one more door to the corridor and it can serve more people.
    • It may create conflicts. It is not convenient for multiple people to use at the same time(i.e. showers, toilet, etc). If there is a Jack and Jill bathroom using by two siblings, the good thing is that this would helps them learn hoe to share, compromise and communicate.

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    Best Modern Jack And Jill Bathroom Layout Ideas

    Shared Sinks For Two People

    It should have two sinks for people to do some not-so-private activities (brushing teeth, applying makeup, and washing face, etc.) at the same time. This would help save a lot of time if sometimes you are both in a hurry.

    If there is enough space, you can set a big cabinet with two separate sinks (vessel sinks or mount-in sinks). On the contrary, if you are building a small-sized Jack and Jill bathroom, what about a through sink big enough for two people? And you can assemble shelves on the wall to be an extra place for your little gadgets.

    Shared sinks for two people

    Doors With Locks

         To create a Jack and Jill bathroom, you have to set at least two doors to allow traffic. Also, you can install one more door in the hallway so that people wouldn’t have to go back to their bedroom to get out. This would make ease of access. Besides, if you would like to separate the toilet, you have to install another door to protect privacy.  

    Doors with locks

    Installation Of Mirror

    To install a single large mirror or separate two mirrors all depends on your sink setting. If you have two separate sinks in the bathroom, either a single large mirror or two mirrors will work. If you choose the through the sink, it would be better to place a single large mirror to make your sink area look harmonious. You can also choose the mirror according to the light in your bathroom. If you don’t have enough light in your bathroom, a large mirror could make your bathroom brighter.

    Installation of mirror

    Shower Stall And Toilet Design

    Since the Jack and Jill bathroom is for two people to use, the design of the shower stall must consider privacy protection. The shower stall can be located at the corner surrounded by two walls and separate the toilet with a semi-wall. Install the glass door for the shower stall and remember to put a shower curtain in front of it. You can also install a sleek chrome toilet paper holder near the toilet for paper storage and decoration.

    Shower stall and toilet design

    Classic All-white Look

    Everything in the bathroom is in white shade. This can not only give the bathroom a chic and clean appearance but also maximize the space visually. It is better to place a large single mirror in the bathroom with this style of decoration. The mirror would reflect the light and makes the bath bright.  Adding some brushed nickel bathroom accessories like the towel rack and hooks would give the bathroom a neater look.

    Classic All-white look

    Screen Off The Bathtub

    If you would like to have a bathtub in the Jack and Jill bathroom, you may have to screen off the bathtub. Or you can combine the bathtub and shower stall to be the shower area, and use a glass bath screen to separate it to the sink area and toilet. But if you have large space for both bathtub and shower stall, you won’t have to do that. You can place a folding screen to isolate the bathtub from other areas.


    Does Jack and Jill bathroom add value?

    If you want a Jack and Jill bathroom to make it more comfortable for your family to use and don’t care about the return of this investment, there is not doubt that this project deserves it. Making home improvement is just to make you and your family have more fun and enjoy your home. Adding a Jack and Jill bathroom can definitely bring more convenience.

    Why are Jack and Jill bathrooms called that?

    The Jack and Jill bathroom is named after the children in a famous nursery rhyme, which is siblings. And Jack and Jill bathroom is a bathroom shared by siblings in most cases, which helps solve the morning rush.

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