Best Low Ceiling Small Kitchen Lighting

Having a low ceiling is a headache to set the lighting in traditional ways like chandeliers and hanging ceiling lights, especially in the kitchen. The kitchen counter, kitchen ventilator and dining table visually shorten the distance between the ceiling and the floor. So how to set low ceiling small kitchen lighting? There are still many options to properly illuminate a small kitchen with a low ceiling. Read on!

Low Ceiling Small Kitchen Lighting

How do you light a room with a low ceiling?

Set Lights Close To Ceiling

One of the best ways to open up a kitchen with low ceilings is to choose lights that stay close to the ceiling so your field of vision is not overcrowded. Don’t obstruct windows either, let the natural daylight and the artificial light blend in with each other to bring a light and airy room.

Recessed Serves As Main Lighting

Recessed light fixtures are embedded in the ceiling so you won’t have to worry about your field of vision getting obstructed. Taking recessed lighting as the main illustration of your low ceiling kitchen can make your kitchen open space. In general, you want to space each light about two to three feet apart for the kitchen.

Clear To Create Illusion

Having a small kitchen couldn’t stop your steps of beautifying it. If you want to set chandeliers and pendants, clear glass and crystal ones can be your best friend in your kitchen with a low ceiling. The transparent material will provide an open-air effect and a lightweight and flowy feel to create the illusion of more space.

Position Is Key

The secret to adequate lighting in a small kitchen with a low ceiling is to make use of most of the area that you have.

Even recessed lamps need to be placed in the right position for the best lighting. Positioning recessed lighting around the perimeter of your kitchen and keep each light about two to three feet apart can guarantee illumination to be even.

Besides, the size and the position of the pendants also need to be considered. Both small rounded pendants and long lean pendants will not take up too much room and visually crowd the space.

Best kitchen lights for low ceiling

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are set into an opening in the ceiling so they don’t stick out at all. Recessed lighting makes the ambiance brighter and mimics daylight. There are different types of recessed fixtures for you to choose from. If you want the large-size recessed light, you should choose the one with a translucent frosted lampshade, so the energy will be better spread out. If you choose the small size, you should make sure the position to install provides even lighting.

Recessed Lighting
Ceiling Lighting

LED Group Lights

LED group light is another perfect option for kitchen illustration. You can arrange large LED lights together closely or around the perimeter of your kitchen. Choose the ones with bell-shaped shade so that the LED lights would reflect light downward to provide beautiful lighting.

LED Group Lights

Tube Lights

Line the trim of your ceiling with tube lights. It takes up the very little place but has a strong lighting effect to light up a bigger area and keep your kitchen bright. Overall, these tube lights are ideal for a contemporary kitchen.

Tube Lights

Flush Mount Lights     

Flush-mounted lights are typically used to add ambient light in dark spaces. They give you the chance to splash light all over the room with just a single fixture. Even the darkest kitchens will enjoy a bright and sunny atmosphere with this style of light.

Flush Mount Lights

Semi Flush Mount Fixtures

There are also semi-flush mount fixtures to set in your kitchen with a low ceiling to appear as if the ceilings are higher than they actually are. Moreover, this kind of light has less power consumption.

Semi Flush Mount Lights

Floor Lamp

Use the floor lamp that can diffuse light in every direction to add extra lighting and gives your kitchen and dining room a sense of cozy atmosphere.

Floor Lamp

Under-cabinet Lights

This light takes up areas in the kitchen that are often overlooked–under the cabinet. It is a great way to add more much-needed lighting to kitchen counters, without sacrificing room on the ceiling or floor space. It makes your cooking process safer with light.

Under-cabunet Lights

Pendant Lights

It is also possible to install pendants in your kitchen with a low ceiling. What you need to avoid is to hang one too close to the floor.

The glass and crystal ones are the best. They can create an illusion of having more space. Besides, you can choose the mini ones that wouldn’t take up too much space. Also, there are some pendants with unique patterns or shapes to decorate your kitchen and reduce the need for wall hangings or sculptures that could clutter the space.

Pendant Lights


Low ceilings should not prevent you from having a well-lit, beautiful kitchen. No matter what type of light fixture you choose for your small kitchen with a low ceiling, it’s important to keep your interior design in a personal style while taking good lighting into account. Excellent and comfortable home decoration always brings people a happy mood.

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